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icOn smart passive preamps

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About :

icOn is an autoformer based (Slagle AVC) smart passive preamplifier. It uses a sophisticated microprocessor and digital interface to enable the listener to remotely control their music for maximum enjoyment from the convenience of the armchair.

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Gradient Box 2 (GB2)nRemote-controlled analogue sub crossover - coming soon.nnThe key difference between the GB2 and other sub-crossovers on the market is the remote-controlled A/B or A/B/X listening test functions to find the optimal settings of the sub integration from the listening position. This new method offers a quicker, more comfortable setup process and a more precise end result - a higher fidelity.nnThere are 7 crossover frequencies, a built-in microcontroller - with IR remote, LCD display and 2 multicolour LEDs for optical feedback under the A/B testing - to control the reed relays of the input/output switching matrix.nOur auditory memory and ability to differentiate tends to be better with "instant" switching. The remote-controlled A/B or A/B/X tests of the GB2 allow for instant switching and the listener can switch freely between A setting, B setting and X (the original unfiltered signal) as many times as desired before he makes nthe decision about the optimum - this was not possible till now.


New sub crossover with 7 frequencies on my workbench


"A superb control unit that is very easy to use and gives superb audio results that deserve all the success it gets. Try it against active preamplifiers up to £13K, and save yourself a lot of money."nIs the icOn 4PRO the solution for audiophiles how to tackle the "cost of living crisis"?


icOn 4PRO passive preamp as part of the Sound|Kaos demo system at HiFi Delux exhibition, Munichn


Be prepared for something extraordinary :-) We look forward to your visit!


The material of the iron core has a much greater effect on the sound of an audio transformer than the material of the wire. The Made in Japan Hitachi FINEMET nanocrystalline cut cores are the finest audio transformer cores. Period.


For me, continuous product development is a matter of course. After the nice orange 7 segment LED display some icOn preamp models will get a new white OLED graphic display or a retro Nixie tube display too as options! The 40 mm high glowing Nixie numbers will show the exact volume with 0.5 dB resolution, within the 160 steps (80 dB) attenuation range. I think it's a nice achievement from an autoformer based preamp :-)


No time to die ... or just sit back and rest on our laurels. The coming new, high-end icOn AVC will have never seen before technical specification, features and user experience.


Crystal clear neutrality with excellent imaging, no loss of dynamics even at the lowest volumes. "A joy every time I hear only the MUSIC." Ron from France


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