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Innovative Glass & Aluminium

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About :

Specialising in commercial windows and doors, retrofit double glazing, shopfronts, office partitions, frameless shower screens, splashbacks and mirrors, fast glass replacement, balustrading and pool fencing, caulking


Innovative Glass & Aluminium is a specialist is a Glass and Mirror installation specialist. The services we offer include Emergency Glass Replacement, Aluminium Windows and Doors Installation, Office Partitions, Shower screens, Double Glazing - Retrofits, Splashbacks and Mirrors, Glass Tabletops, Pet doors, Balustrading and Pool Fencing, we service clients from areas such as Gisborne, Gisborne South, Diggers Rest, Toolern Vale, Bulla, Oaklands Junction, Mickleham, Wildwood, Bolinda, Riddells Creek, Macedon, Mount Macedon, Macedon Ranges, Woodend, Lancefield, Romsey, Hesket, Monegeetta, Melton, Plumpton,......




Opening Hours :

Monday: 06:30AM - 18:30PM
Tuesday: 06:30AM - 18:30PM
Wednesday: 06:30AM - 18:30PM
Thursday: 06:30AM - 18:30PM
Friday: 06:30AM - 18:30PM
Saturday: 06:30AM - 18:30PM
Sunday: 06:30AM - 00:30PM
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//MOSSMAN//nnFor artisan design and luxury finishes, Our team produces a range of frameless, framed and bespoke architectural Manhattan-style office partition systems!nn📱 0488 609 495n📧 [email protected]


📍MACEDON RANGES PROJECTnnWhatever your window needs are, you can be confident that our team will provide the right solution for your home or business. nn 🇦🇺Locally manufacturedn🍃Viridian’s LightBridge™ high performance double glazingn🪟Commercial grade windows & doorsnnColour: Dune satinnAlspecnViridian Glass Australiann📱0488 609 495n📥 [email protected]


🪟Make your home warmer in winter, cooler in summer, drier and quieter for your family while maintaining its existing originality and unique character with our high-performing Retrofit double glazing! 🪟 nn📱 0488 609 495n📧 [email protected]


🪟 Double glaze your existing single glazed timber windows and doors with custom made performance double glazing and enjoy the comfort and benefits all year round 🪟 nn🏠 improve window insulation by up to 70%n⚡️ Reduced heating and cooling costsn☔️ Less condensation creating a drier, healthier homen🎤 Reduce outside noise by up to 70% n🌡️ Maintain warmth in your homen💵 Increase your home value nn📧 [email protected]📱 0488 609 495


Are you looking to keep your home warmer in winter, cooler in summer, quieter, reduce condensation and increase the value of your home! We can recommend the best retrofit double glazing options to meet your needs!nn📱0488 609 495n📥 [email protected]


If you’re thinking about double glazing your home, talk to us about our Genuine, high-performing retrofit double glazing system for existing timber and steel windows that looks great, performs exceptionally, and is made to last‼️nn📱0488 609 495n📧 [email protected]


📍The RocksnnWhatever the size, shape or style of window you need, Innovative Glass and Aluminium will strive to ensure that your design is unique to you, your home or your business. We always listen closely to your objectives to ensure that the outcome is exactly how you dreamt it would be. nnFor more information, contact the team today!nn📱0488 609 495n📧[email protected]#windowsanddoors #macedonranges #localbusiness #bifolddoors #doubleglazing #macedonrangesglazier


🪟Your #1 Retrofit Double Glaze Specialist🪟 nnThe benefits of double glazing in your house are instantly noticeable. You will be warmer in winter and cooler in summer as the performance glass and layer of argon gas between the glass acts to insulate against the outside temperatures. You will also notice a reduction in noise and in your power bill as you won't have to use your heater and air conditioner as much. Double glazing also reduces condensation significantly and adds to the value of your house! nnTalk to us about our payment plan options‼️nnDon’t forget about our 25% discount from April to July‼️👇🏼nn📱 0488 609 495n📧 [email protected]


✨ Shower screens are the ultimate solution to give your bathroom a touch of luxury and comfort. Easy to maintain and easy to clean, Innovative Glass and Aluminium can manufacture and install the perfect shower screen for your bathrooms! ✨ nnContact us today for a free quote!n📱 0488 609 495n📧 [email protected]


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