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Inspirational quotes and life lessons with Thokozani Ndinisa

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Johannesburg, South Africa
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Johannesburg, South Africa

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A land where T. NDINISA share his written inspiration Quotes with the world


Johannesburg, South Africa

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Theme: SuicidenTitle: Don’t Take Your LifennMagma of anger is heating,nThe ocean of feelings can’t hold on anymore,nThe heart is about to erupt toxic lava,nBut you have to cool it down,nYou are not a coward to swim in it.nnIt won’t stay dark forever,nWake up and spill that bile out,nYou can’t redo the wrong to be right,nBut you can build a permanent foundation for tomorrow,nPlease don’t take your life.nnYou won’t defeat it by looking direct in it’s eye,nDon’t feel pity for that monster,nHer tears are not real but a trap,nDon’t close your eyes never to see your path,nThat’s not the solution.nnContinue reading this blog post here👇🏾n Kennedy OchiengnCountry Kenya 🇰🇪



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