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JB Metal Roofing and Construction

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Warm Springs Rd
(706) 464-5231
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Warm Springs Rd
(706) 464-5231

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JBMRC specializes in metal roofing, pole barns, remodels, additions, decks, awnings & all of your construction needs! We offer free quotes (35 miles or less) & pride ourselves in customer satisfaction! Please send us a message if you have any questions.


Warm Springs Rd ,GA ,31909
(706) 464-5231
32.52812, -84.91271

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SEASONAL TIPS FOR HOMEOWNERS IN THE FALLπŸ‚πŸπŸŽƒ nnAs the season begins to change, it's time to prep your home for falling leaves, cooler weather, and, eventually, winter storms. Tackling a few fall home maintenance tasks now can help ward off issues later in the season, so you can enjoy everything you love about autumn worry-free. Here are 7 things a homeowner can do to prepare for the Fall season. nn1. CLEAN YOUR GUTTERSnYour roof's drainage system annually diverts thousands of gallons of water from your house's exterior and foundation walls, so it's vital to keep this system flowing smoothly. Clogged gutters can lead to damaged exterior surfaces. They are also more prone to rust and corrosion. Before the leaves fly this fall, clean your gutters, then cover them with mesh gutter guards to keep debris from returning. nn2. INSPECT YOUR ROOFnStart by inspecting your roof from top to bottom, using binoculars if necessary. Check ridge shingles for cracks and wind damage. Look for damage to metal flashing in valleys and around vents and chimneys. Scan the entire roof for missing, curled, or damaged shingles. Look in your gutters for large accumulations of granules, a sign that your roof is losing its coating, which can portend larger problems. Finally, make sure your gutters are flowing freely. If you are unable to do the inspection give us a call and we would be happy to come take a look! nn3. PROTECT FAUCETS FROM FREEZING TEMPERATURES nClose any shut-off valves serving outside faucets, then open the outside faucet to drain the line. (There may be a small cap on the faucet you can loosen to facilitate this draining.) If you don't have shut-off valves, and your faucets are not "freeze-proof " types, you might benefit from styrofoam faucet covers, which are sold at many home centers. nn4. REPAIR WALKWAYS nDamaged walkways, drives, and steps are a hazard year-round, but their dangers are compounded when the weather turns icy. Fixing issues in the fall is also critical to preventing little cracks from becoming expensive headaches. Look for cracks more than 1/8-inch wide, uneven sections, and loose railings on steps. Check for disintegration of asphalt or washed-out materials on loose-fill paths. nn5. REVIEW SAFETY FEATURES nAt least once a year, do a top-to-bottom review of your home's safety features.nβ€’ Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors: Replace the batteries in each smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) detector, then vacuum them with a soft brush attachment. Test the detectors by pressing the test button or holding a smoke source (like a blown-out candle) near the unit. nβ€’ General cleanup: Rid your home of accumulations of old newspapers and leftover hazardous household chemicals. Keep a clear speaker around heaters, wood burning stoves, or furnaces. nn6. READY YOUR FIREPLACEnEven if you use your fireplace only occasionally, you should check it annually for damage and hazards. First, inspect the flue for creosote, a flammable by-product of burning wood. Too much accumulation in a flue or chimney can result in a devastating fire. Get your chimney inspected annually for creosote buildup. Birds often nest at the top of unprotected flues; a chimney cap can prevent this from happening. If you don't have a cap, look up the flue to ensure that there are no obstructions. nn7. WINTER TEMPS AND MATERIALS nPaint doesn't handle extreme temperatures very well. So, if you live in a cold climate, add this to your fall chore list: Bring the latex/acrylic paint into the house. And while you're at it, don't forget the latex caulk. Freezing ruins both latex paint and caulk. Another temperature-related painting mistake is painting when it's going to freeze. Paint can't dry properly in freezing temps. It will only dry partway and will easily come off when touched.nnWe are looking forward to some cooler weather, and we hope all of our customers and followers can use these tips to help them when it comes to the changing season!πŸ‘


Here's a quick little job we did over the weekend for a Columbus, Ga family. πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘¦ We tore off and replaced some rotten fascia boards around the house, then painted them to match. Then we built them a 10Γ—12 patio cover so they could enjoy their back yard area and have some shade from the heat! Not to mention being able to grill in the rain nowπŸ˜‚ We enjoyed it, and we hope they do too!β˜€οΈπŸ€πŸ‘¨πŸΌβ€πŸ”§πŸ‘ Back to Schomburg Rd. tomorrow πŸ™‚


Got all the poles set to get this project rolling along! This is gonna be a big one! πŸ‘€πŸ‘¨πŸΌβ€πŸ”§β˜€οΈ


We want to wish everyone a HAPPY LABOR DAY! We hope y'all hard working men and women and those that have retired from working hard enjoy your long weekend! If you're traveling, please be safe on the roads!


Hey y'all! We have a favor to ask from our customers we have done work for already...if you will follow the link to our google page and leave us a review, we would greatly appreciate it! Or you can click on the review page on our FB page and "reccomend" us (it took the place of reviews on fb). Thabk you in advance! We're trying to get our ratings to show up. πŸ™‚nn


Got the holes marked, the concrete formed and poured for the footers, and next is the poles being set to get this 28Γ—38 project up and rolling for our customers who have turned into friends! We can't wait to see the progress on this vision! This will be the 2nd project we have done for them, and we're always grateful for our customers! Y'all keep an eye out for updates!πŸ‘€πŸ€πŸ‘¨πŸΌβ€πŸ”§β˜€οΈπŸ”¨


Coming soon!😍


We came back to the Green Island project we did for the Hoang family to hang a tv mount, and we got to see some of the work that has been done since we finished our end. He had it stained and the top painted, and also had some stone work and benches put on each side. Here's some pictures of the added work!


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