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My name is John Paul Holm, and I am running for U.S. Congress, representing Oregon District 6 now. I am transgender Male to female so my friends call me Kira and I hope to be the first transgender in Congress



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As a curtesy to all including to my family and friends, I took this holiday season off so I could enjoy it with them, but it is the day after New Year's, so my restraints are off and I am chomping at the bit to help you the voters to move forward in making your best choices. This opinion piece would mostly be overly looked, and Mitch McConnell and the Republican Party would like the Democrats as well as anybody else not to notice what this could accomplish.nnAs a political strategist, I went to both parties to learn what they taught. The Democrats were mainly what you would expect but what I leaned from the Republicans was they had long termed strategy planned, it was devious, and it was not aimed to help voters. It was in fundraising this became apparent. Their first rule was to gather and meet donors. Their second rule was to honor donors by making sure that after getting elected, they made sure that all they do was helpful to them. Last was no freebies, and by this, I mean they do nothing that was not related to those donors unless done in the form of a deal.nnThis is why they want to privatize everything, to pay back their donors. So who are they really working for? Not you! When they try to lower taxes, it is not for the lower classes but the 1% and corporations that have donated to their war chests who are offered the higher cuts and better tax incentives as well as protections for inheritances worth millions to billions so way less taxes can be collected when they are due.nnNow they are trying to open up the amount that politicians can try to say they loan themselves so they can reclaim funds from their war chests they may have place in their if they have the proper paperwork that could be worked up after the fact, which means, it may be written up but harder to prove if they really did it if it was a cash donation they placed in it because it could also be an anonymous donation from someone else they are trying to claim as their own money. Slightly illegal but if it's far enough back and no one is being particular eager in looking, they do it all the time.nnBut think about all the millions that Trump and all the other Republicans could claim if this gets overturned? Anyone else wonder why they wanted all those conservative judges in place for this now? Can you say "Ka-Ching"!!! Now guess how much on taxes will be paid on this money as it gets returned? Nothing! It gets listed as refunds that would be exempt. Smart cookies, indeed. Now you understand why Mitch smiles like the cat that has gotten your canary all the time, he has. nnAnd you, the voter, have allowed this to happen, because you keep flushing the votes away by switching who you vote for every 4 years. Smile Mitch, Smile. This is why I have started writing this blog to help inform, educate, and sometimes to even entertain you about why this is not working for you.nnIf this is getting old, if this is not what you are wanting for your government, then isn't it time to pull your head of your keister and smell the real air? I work in the CD2 of Southern Oregon and most of the counties in Southern and Eastern Oregon are running on bare bone volunteers right now. In Jackson County, Our Admin of the Democratic Party has chased out most of the non-climate volunteers. When you're a one note wonder as a singer, you don't get as many people buying your music. Same goes for politics. They are out of tune with their county and community, so they really need more voices to even out their harmony so they get back into tune with the community or they will never win outside of Phoenix/ Ashland area in Jackson County as a Democrat.nnJackson County was the first county that had a office opened south of Eugene but they admin committee was already talking of closing it before covid due to finical issues. Donations are down, volunteers are down, most of the caucus we started with 3 years ago, have been depleted to nonexistence, and our committees are at their lowest as well. If anyone really wanted to step up to make some real changes, now is the time because if you added enough people, you could out vote anyone. And you most likely would pick up help due to disenchantment many are starting to have with the current establishment. Failure tends to do that.nnBut this only the advice of one who has listened to what is happening not just in the party but in the community, watched what is going on, kept the stats and actually had a long-term strategy, unlike what I see happening now. [email protected] Holm for Oregon's CD2n2690 Connell AvenMedford, Or 97501nnFor those that have watched me here, I am no longer posting here but I have moved to my Facebook page on Kira Holm for Oregon's CD2 so come see me there now and enjoy my talks for 2022.


Sounds kind of funny to talk about items like this but when I have counties like Josephine, Klamath and Lake that are wholly Republican after the redrawing of the lines this year and CD2 is bigger, do you think the Republicans would make sure they have less competition? I do.nnAs a political strategist, I don't look at months but I plan in years like the Republicans do but the Democrats have never appeared to do any of this. This is why I decided not to run in 2022 because I saw no future in it. First off, Jackson County Democrats was out of harmony with its community and has been for years. This is one of the most populous counties in CD2. Its leadership would not see why and there was no reasoning with them. When they continue to lose 51% of the voters and more in general elections with no strategy to fix this situation year after year. well, it's not just frustration but just plain moronic. When I have shown their own rules committee that their leadership has failed to follow their own rules as well as violated ethic rules but instead covered it up because they said the complaint had minor spelling errors and other stupid rulings instead of stepping up and doing the right thing, well, you can understand the frustration.nnBut here's the bigger problem, you the reader and voters have allowed this to happen as well. How many of you could actually participate in what is happening to help make changes so we have more representation from other community sections and leaders? By this I mean, not just the people who were disgusted with our currently leader and left but also tribal leaders from ingenious tribes or Indian tribes, whichever is your preferred calling. If you voted Democrat, maybe you are a Democrat, shouldn't you have a voice in what the party is doing city, county state and federally because unless I am mistaken, you were here first? Many bilingual Hispanic people never think about this but before the white man got here, much of the West Coast was settled by Latino people. I think you need to speak up and have a say in what should be done here locally if you have a legal right.nnMy mother came from Texas but she never looked at a single person in black and white but she saw grey as skin color because she taught me " when the skin is pricked, everybody bleeds red" and that is what I firmly believe, preach and follow. If you want your politics to change, then when are you going to change?nnBeing transgender, I realized it was time to drop my male name for posts and move on and I hope you have been doing just that over the last month or so I had been moving all my posts to my new Facebook page Kira Holm for Oregon's CD2. but this is my last on this page. Please follow me now on the other page because this one is done and I am moving for the new year, new me. Thank you for all your love, reading and continue to read me on Kira Holm for Oregon's CD2. [email protected] Holm for Oregon's CD2n2690 Connell AvenMedford, Or 97501


Did you ever wonder why Trump never gave Cohen a " get out of jail free" card like he did his other friends? I did till he talked about the confiscation of his records. I was betting that some of those records were so damning that it wouldn't matter that Michael talked or not, Donald Trump was screwed. If I was working for a man like Donald as a middle man or as he put it" his attorney and fixer" and I knew he was as duplicitous to his friends as he was, I would dot my i's and cross my t's in triplicate as well as never have a conversation with the man without an audio or video recorder going.nnCohen would know about all the meetings with other attorney's and most likely sat in on them. He would have made arrangements for all the end results. Some of the information coming out make Donald Trump, his family and his organization sounding closer to the mafia then a real corporation. And now he's a leader in Republican politics? Bahahaha.nnWe haven't seen this kind of corruption in politics since the early 1920's and 30's when we struggled with bootlegging. Just think that he was your president and the Republicans are still sending him money that if he doesn't run in 2024, he can find a way to claim by saying he loaned his campaign money then take it back as repayment and even interests. This would make the Republican voters the most gullible fools in the history of donors. He could also donate it candidates with the strings attached that they have to spend it by doing fundraising at his properties. Again, getting his money back. Florida was the perfect place for him to go because of the poor laws controlling how he had to do all this. nnBreak out the popcorn for 2024 while we watch how he steals from the Republican voters and shows how foolish they really were.nnBeing transgender, I realized it was time to drop my male name for posts and move on so over the next few weeks I am moving all my posts to my new Facebook page Kira Holm for Oregon's CD2. Please follow me as I transfer all this over to it. I will copy and it on both for a time. [email protected] Holm for Oregon's CD2n2690 Connell AvenMedford, Or 97501


What can I say about Joe Biden is this, he's a great manager and leader but when he is given a team like he has now to run like his current Congress and Senate, then it's time to start to look at the people hiring them? You can complain about his inability to bring the two parties together but the voters hired these leaders to work together but when one or both sides refuse to work on something both sides have claimed as key to getting elected such as voting rights and infrastructure then the voters have failed in their hiring practices and I say hiring practices because every time you vote, you hire a leader to work for you.nnBut are your leaders working for you right now? Joe Biden can't manage a team of people that haven't been trained to work together like this group of rabbles currently in charge of your government. When I tell you it's your fault that this government has become like this, this is what I have meant. The Republicans are better trained then the Democrats when it comes to working in solidarity as well as working under one leader. No one trusts anyone enough to follow a single person so we can get anything done, thus Joe Biden appears to get nothing done fast. When I say this is our fault, I mean Democrats, Republicans Non-Affiliated Voters and more. It's on all our shoulders to fix this mess because we neglected our duties but nnow we need to step up and start to do what we should have been doing from the start, building a responsible government that is responsible to its community and its employers which is also known as the voters.nnIsn't it time to take back your own government and stop the pendulum swings of late so we can get a stabilized Congress and Senate long enough to get some work done for once? Let's also fix our Supreme Court so it's no longer a political court but a fair court of the people. Finally let's remove money from our politics, it may buy votes by buying TV time or some or other advertising medium but it shouldn't control your Politian's votes on legislation, you should because you voted them into office and you can vote them out of office.nnBeing transgender, I realized it was time to drop my male name for posts and move on so over the next few weeks I am moving all my posts to my new Facebook page Kira Holm for Oregon's CD2. Please follow me as I transfer all this over to it. I will copy and it on both for a time. [email protected] Holm for Oregon's CD2n2690 Connell AvenMedford, Or 97501


Let's be honest, what's really happened is that a Republican Corporate system has been shown to be a failure in how it works as a capitalist system. After failing to making the repairs and updates to infrastructure of the docks as well as poor pay of the drivers and workers of docks, destructions of the unions as well as not keeping up on certain health and safety regulations to keep the workers safe, we are now in a bind that put the workers back in the driver's seat so they can make the demands they should have gotten years ago.nnNow that we have put off all of these repairs and other bills, well the piper has said they are due and we are paying not 10 times but well more than if we had done them when it had been recommended years ago. How are those Republican no votes sitting with the public now? Now they can bitch about how the public debt is going up by Democratic votes but it is really by Republican laziness. Kaching! nnMitch McConnell sat on the sidelines, snickering while the Democrats fought to get this infrastructure bill passed but this also includes all the times the Republicans failed to pass infrastructure including when Trump was in office. nnBut it's not just their fault because the Democrats failed to perform too over the years and this means as voters, we have failed to perform our duties correctly as finding the leaders that would represent the best interests of not just their own community but their country's and/ or states? As voters, we are obligated to know who we are voting for and not vote like American Idol or the Voice. This is why we have Mitch McConnell's and we had a Donald Trump. Locally we have similar issues here in Oregon with poor choices as well but have we actually taken the time to know who we are voting for from Kurt Shrader, Jamie McCloud Skinner, Cliff Bentz and more. Notice I didn't just list Republicans but had a few Democrats as well. I want leaders who will represent our community first and I would rather have a none of the above than another bad leader again. I am not saying any of the above are bad leaders but have we really gotten to know them? And do they say they will represent the community as we want them too? Or are they putting other desires before community needs?nnAs a strategist, I have studied Southern and Eastern Oregon, so I am comfortable with where I going in offering advice on how to make changes to where we have been going with the Democratic strategy so far because it appears to be more of a lack of strategy. When you're not listening to your community on what their needs are, then why would they support you? And the Democrats have had little to no support because of it getting local leaders elected. Now I need to ask, how much longer are you willing to keep paying for that lack of attention?nnI write about how we need to train our new leaders better but this starts here at home base, by this I mean here, I mean here in our hearts first by restarting our home bases so we build strong foundations at where we live. then we work back up taking as many positions as we can but with dignity and honor. If this also means reorganizing local parties, then we do that too. But this is all up to you to decide what is needed because as a strategist, all I can do is guide you.nnNow get out there and get to work but work smarter, not harder.nnBeing transgender, I realized it was time to drop my male name for posts and move on so over the next few weeks I am moving all my posts to my new Facebook page Kira Holm for Oregon's CD2. Please follow me as I transfer all this over to it. I will copy and it on both for a time. [email protected] Holm for Oregon's CD2n2690 Connell AvenMedford, Or 97501


I have been showing how the music industry and politics do many things alike. After watching the struggles of the Beatles to get this show to work, you can understand better what I have been talking about.nnI strongly urge people to take advantage of any chance you may get to watch this and then think about how it compares to the troubles the Democrats have also struggled to put together platforms for their community's needs as well as for leaders to so we get more elected.nnThe Beatles struggled with where to play, how best to form their songs for where they were playing and this is just like we do in politics. nnSo please watch if you can, on Disney+nnBeing transgender, I realized it was time to drop my male name for posts and move on so over the next few weeks I am moving all my posts to my new Facebook page Kira Holm for Oregon's CD2. Please follow me as I transfer all this over to it. I will copy and it on both for a time. [email protected] Holm for Oregon's CD2n2690 Connell AvenMedford, Or 97501


This person who wrote this article is a person who smartass who could have been raised in my home because i totally understood what they were saying and where they were going with this article because they were telling you books were good. They were being sarcastic by telling people how wrong they were but how many people could still take this opinion to be as to be " burn them all"?nnInformation is power and anyone who does not believe that is dumber than a post. I learned this early in life and have lived it ever since. You see I was a book worm and nerd in school. This met I was a target for bullies in school but I wasn't raised to be a target. In fact, one day in high school, I even got out of fights by being smarter than the bully. He came up to me to me one day telling me he thought I may deserve a beating of which I replied " When you figure it out let me know and I will pencil in some time for it" and walked away. leaving him scratching his head. nnA week later he came back at me telling me " I think you insulted me" of which I replied " when you figure out if I have, let me know and we can talk." then left again.nnOne more week passed till he came back at me where he hollered, " I know you insulted me know now." of which I replied ' are you sure because all I have doing is talking and walking away?" which caused all the kids in earshot to start laughing but they left a large corridor for me to leave as well as making him feel he was not in charge anymore. nnThis came from my knowledge of Theodore Roosevelt and many others in our history that I read about on how to handle bullies. We don't always need our fists to throw a punch, sometimes a well landed verbal punch can turn a crowd against a bully. Like School House Rock used to say " Knowledge is Power!" and the only way to get it is to read it.nnBeing transgender, I realized it was time to drop my male name for posts and move on so over the next few weeks I am moving all my posts to my new Facebook page Kira Holm for Oregon's CD2. Please follow me as I transfer all this over to it. I will copy and it on both for a time. [email protected] Holm for Oregon's CD2n2690 Connell AvenMedford, Or 97501


Messaging, messaging, messaging has been a one of my biggest gripes with the Democratic Party for a long time. In politics, as a strategist, it's my job to help people and groups to control the "Open mouth, insert foot" syndrome which is all too common in politics.nnBut here is the worst part of all of this, it is all caused from a lack of thinking and even planning. What's worse is when others leap onto the bad idea before anyone can correct it, then the Republicans make us look like yahoos, again. My mother taught me that you should never say something unless you can stand behind it. But it should also be clear and understandable so it can't be turned against you because you have people looking to make fools of you every chance they can. It's called being prepared and planning ahead. It's called using a strategist.nnMy father used to tell me to work smarter not harder. Thinking about our messaging is a way of doing just that, If we want to win areas like the counties in Southern and Eastern Oregon then this must be how we do it by not quoting what wins in Portland but asking what our community needs are in the local areas and then formulating our messaging afterwards.nnWhen you spend 20+ years losing general elections, isn't it time to look at why you are losing all those elections and make the changes to start winning again? Isn't it time to step back and listen to people so they start to understand where you are coming from as well as you understanding who they are as well?nnBeing transgender, I realized it was time to drop my male name for posts and move on so over the next few weeks I am moving all my posts to my new Facebook page Kira Holm for Oregon's CD2. Please follow me as I transfer all this over to it. I will copy and it on both for a time. [email protected] Holm for Oregon's CD2n2690 Connell AvenMedford, Or 97501