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Jordan Hanz

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About :

Professional Body Painter | MUA | YOUTUBER Instagram: @jordanhanz
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Fresh and clean 💅🏼nDone by Ann at @kellysnailsspanI’m in love. 🖤nBye hot girl summer, let’s slide into goth girl thotumn.


✨When a friend sends you flowers, made flower art✨[email protected] Poison Plum, Kim Chi, & Flurry [email protected] Cherry Blossom Silk [email protected] Risqué [email protected] Flower Power Powder Blushn💘


Hot witch summer vibes. 😈[email protected] Ghosted Loose [email protected] Off Tropic palletes | Nude Lip [email protected] Age/Sex/Location Matte [email protected] Risqué lashes


Since @deadbydaylight is bringing Nemesis to the game as their next killer for their @residentevil chapter, here’s a little face chart I created of him. 😈n•nAll done with makeup! n#DeadbyDaylight #ResidentEvil


💜You only live once...or nine times.💜n#ad I am SO beyond excited to showcase this makeup look I created for @colourpopcosmetics using the #animalcrossingxcolourpop collection!nThis is inspired by Bob, one of my all time favorite villagers.n🍊USING:n(All from the @colourpopcosmetics collection) n🍒EYES:n-Labelle of the Ball shadow pallete in the shade Tailors Ticket all over the lid, plus Serene Sable mixed with a bit of water to get that sharp graphic liner look. Able Sisters was topped in the center of the lid for a glittery pop. n-5 Star Island shadow pallete using the shades Island Tune and Resident Rep. to build the top of the cut crease.n🍑CHEEKS:nFlower Tender pressed powder blush applied generously onto the cheeks and nose.n🍐FRECKLES:nWhat a hoot shadow pallete in the shade Who! made the perfect freckles when applied lightly with a small brush. n🍎LIPS:nfruit roots mini lip kit (which by the way give the juiciest sheen plus a delicious smelling scent)n#colourpopcosmetics


Thinking of you, hanz fam. 🧡


Turn pain into empowerment. 💪🏼


I got a new sweater. ☺️


Halloween is never truly over, ya sinners. 😈n__________________nThis look was created live on my @twitch channel a few weeks ago!nWe have an amazing and welcoming community there if you’d ever like to come by, chat, ask questions, or just chill and watch me paint in real time. ☺️n__________________nUSING:[email protected] Red, Black, Purple, White, and Beach Berry Paradise [email protected] Epic Ink Liner & Rocky Road Butter [email protected] Love+ & Poison Plum [email protected] dragon li [email protected] Model Magic for some of my signature hornsn*glasses were thrifted n❣️❣️❣️