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Juventus is my drugs, Ronaldo is my dealer

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This page is all about the news and matches regarding Juventus.



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Buffon: "Being able to play with Cristiano Ronaldo will be something incredible. I thank the club for giving me this opportunity. Closing my career with a player like him is incredible."nNext season it wouldn't be Cristiano agianst Gigi ❤nTwo Legends 🔥❤nHope they'd give CL trophy to the old lady


Adrien Rabiot and Aaron Ramsey will be Juventus midfielder next season nRamsey is an attacking midfield and Rabiot is central.nIts a free transfer from their respective clubs nPsg and Arsenaln#juve_midfield 🔥


Luca Pellegrini (AS Roma LB) has passed the medical test. nHe will take Spiniazzola's place at juve as a backup for Alex SandronBoth club has agreed swap deal nSpinazzola ➡ RomanL.Pellegrini ➡ Juventus


Fact: Cristiano Ronaldo is the only player who scored a hattrick against Spain in the world cup.n#goat🐐n#cr7❤❤n#kingofkings👑n#legend💪n#força_portugal🇵🇹❤


True 😅


And now he's joining him at juv. Hope he joins soon, juve defence are aging and this year i wish they play in 3-4-3 formation with alex sandro and cuadrado playing as a wing back.🖤


Comment your wallpaper ❤👇


He's scored only 21 goals in 31 apps under Allegri nLet's see what he can do under Maurizio Sarri nSarri is great manager with attacking mindset n#sarriball ⚽🔥