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Keith's Fantasy Club

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enjoy fans page of Keith's Fantasy Club Toys.

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Offwhite with metallic paintings. Kingorilla and Kinzilla now launching its Premium + version.


P-6G DebrisnP-6H Wastor DeltanP-6i SmithereennP-6J Stogy(from comic)nP-6K Toecutter (from another universe)nP-6L SanfordnnThis should be third wave and last wave for Junk bros.nWill be preorder soon. In stock by first quarter of 2022.Each limited to 800 pcs worldwide.


CST-14 Rhinohorn 2.0 and CST-15 Ironpaw 2.0 now is on radar, planning first quater of 2022


Presenting Sting Thing!nnA new exclusive from Sid's Transformers Toys and Big Tin Robot, strictly limited to 500 and hand-numbered.nnAvailable all over the world, find the ebay link for your region in the comments below or contact them direct on Facebook. .


Our exclusive stockist of these found another couple of cases, so grab a #BLACKFRIDAY deal!!!nnJust £10 a set!nn


KFC Blackhawk Down set, down to just $13 / £10 for the pair while stocks last!!!nn


Very amusing and imaginative review of the Re-Cycles!nn


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