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Khaing Win Pro Audios & Electronics

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No.108 Boywe st
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No.108 Boywe st


No.108 Boywe st

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iBest Pro AudionnDCM-2XnDigital Karaoke Pre-processornIt is multi-channel Karaoke Pre-processor and can be matched with power amplifier. It can be used in Professional Karaoke, conference room, multi-function hall, Performance bar and home entertainment. Through digital processing on music and microphone signal, it provides flexible effect processing and output setting. It's very suitable for Karaoke,especially for KTV room. All of functions can be adjusted by panel control button and display in LCD. It also can be connected with PC with built-in control software through RS232. The special 8 output can be set up two groups: One is Left, Right stereo + Center + Bass + Aux1; the other is Stereo AUX2 (according to actual application, There isn't AUX1 and AUX2 output for some models, please take the actual product as standard).


ကျမ်းမာ ချမ်းသာ ကြပါစေ


MME MA-3600Vznn650,000ks


HONIC SD5nn1,100,000ks


NPE E4000 - 1,100,000ksnnNPE E4000A - 1,200,000ksnnအထူးစျေး ၆.၁.၂၀၂၂ မှ ၁၃.၁.၂၀၂၂ထိnn၀၁၂၄၆၄၅၇ အမှတ်(၁၀၈)ဗိုလ်ရွဲလမ်း လသာမြို့နယ်nnရန်ကုန်မြို့


PAudio nnP180/2241 - 185,000ksnnP180/2242 - 190,000ksnnC18 650EL Challenger - 195,000ks


iBest Power amplifier nnMy 10nnMy 12


i Best M1nnWireless microphone


S318 + MA3600 / MA4800nni Best Products


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