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Khalid Najeeb Ahmadzai Co.Company د خالد نجیب احمدزی ساختمانی شرکت

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(2 Rate)

About :

You can find any kind of heavy machinery _RENT & SALE Email : [email protected] WhatsApp: 0971563651628


34.5331, 69.1661
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We strive to be the best by being unique and different from the market. nn~KNA


Ramadan Mubarak!


#Champion Gradern Ready for sale/Rentn With good conditionn#Kabul, AfghanistannnIf you would like to know about the price for rent or sale and model/serial number, kindly get in touch with us by the following phone/email address. [email protected]+93787588827nKabul, AfghanistannKabul-Jalalabad Road


225-L.C.V n.n#Doosan (European) n.n2007 n.nKabul-Afghanistan n.nKhalid Najeeb Ahmadzai Construction Companyn. nContact: 0787 588 827


There are more changes taking place all around you today than ever before. Any of these changes may be indicative of a trend that could lead on to fortune and success for you. You must be open, awake, and alert to these changes. Nothing remains the same for very long. All your best opportunities will come from applying your knowledge and brainpower to new products and new services in the future.nAll you need to start a fortune is an idea that is 10 percent new. All you need is a product or service innovation that is a little better, faster, or cheaper than something else, and you can quickly move to the front of the line. nMany Many of the great fortunes being made today in the United states and throughout the world are being created by people who started with nothing. One day, they came up with a breakthrough idea that revolutionized or transformed their industry. nWhat could it be for you ? nn-Khalid Najeeb Ahmadzai Construction Company.


#NewArrivals....🚛n#Excavators160 __nnfor more #info call/emailnWhatsApp 00971543578197nemail:[email protected]:Kabul,Afghanistan.


Best machines with the highest quality servicesn👷nare available for #RENT and for #SALEnnWhatsApp 00971543578197nEmail:[email protected]: Kabul,Afghanistan


#_the_more_you_expect_from_us, #_the_better_quality_we_provide_you.


Construction equipment available for #RENT & #SALEnnMobile & WhatsApp: 00971-543578197nEmail:[email protected]: Kabul,Afghanistan


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