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坤华 Kunhua DJ Kunz Fan Club

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About :

Official Fan Base dedicated to YES 933 DJ 坤华


YES 933 DJ Hosting 1. 《双节坤》- Weekdays, 5 to 8pm 2. 《醉心龙虎榜》- Sundays, 12 to 2pm Hosted 1. Yes 933 牛顿给点力 Moo... ve it on Mon to Fri 9pm to 1am 2. Yes 933 音乐真相 Wed 8 to 9pm/ Sun 9 to 10pm 3. Yes 933 中国疯 Sat 11am/ Sun 11pm 4. Yes 933 华翔 16 毫米 Sun 11pm to 12am/Sun 12am-1am 5. YES 933 就是万人迷 Mon to Fri 6 to 10am 6. YES 933 大咖一起来 Mon to Fri 6 to 10am 7.......

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YES 933 DJ: Kunhua 坤华 和 Mei Gui 美贵昨天到了位于 ESR Biz Park 的 Harvey Norman 工厂直销店为你主持 5 周年的活动


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