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Lara Klass Leather Bags

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My Moto IS '' Dare to Wear, To Be YOU, Dare to Be Unique" In Lara Klass shop you will find a beautiful Collection of Practical and Modern Leather Handbags made Exclusively by me in my studio in Athens, Greece.


The bag is something that leaves my imagination free to create with the fabric in which I have a great weakness and I know how to handle it well. For me, it is a jewel of the woman that makes us feel more feminine and completes our outfit, but at the same time, it is a very practical everyday tool that loosens the hands of all of us and makes life more colorful and beautiful, easier. For this reason, I......




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Yellow leather Bag #leatherbag #modernbag #lovebag #beautifulbag


Minimal ombré leather backpack by Lara Klass #leatherbackpacks #laraklass #loveleatherbag #handbag #handmadebag #modernbag


Ξένια Καλασνίκοβα, ιδρύτρια του SportKidsWood, μας μιλά για την ξύλινη Κατασκευή που μέσα από το παιχνίδι γυμνάζει τα παιδιά μας και τα βελτιώνει κινησιολογικά! Μη λείψει κανείς!!!


Dark Beige Suede Oversized Leather angle hobo bag, Beige suede Large Hobo , Bow hobo bag 🔥💯👍 ✅ Angles Hobo Bag ✅n💝Bow hobo bag 💝nShip All over the world ‼️🆓📦🌎 Made with great care and love of genuine Italian suede superior quality .n~~ Been designed to be worn in all case. ~~ Italian 🇮🇹leather / suede nDark Beige color Suede nItalian suede ‼️ New Angle design of Hobo bag by Lara Klass ~~ℹ️ 🔊✂️Dimension bag ✂️📐 Height 6️⃣9️⃣ cm 27“ from bottom to top of the handles (total height)nnLength 4️⃣9️⃣ cm 19“ from side to sidennHeight 3️⃣5️⃣ cm 13,7“ from bottom to the low opening of the handlesnnWidth 6️⃣ cm 2,5“nnInside inner zippered pocket nFrom center to the top of the bag 3️⃣1️⃣ cm (12”)§ion_id=19302362 ~~ The bag designed for all your needs to transfer things comfortable. nTucked giving comfort, magazines 📚and other large bodies of objects ~~ Absolute craftsmanship 💯 % Handmade by Lara Klass 🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷👌✅💯 ~~ Here you will see other colors 🌈 in leather handbags 👜 n ~~ Here waiting for your comments 📓🖊📌❤️ #etsyshop #bag #hobobag #hergift #fashionbag #laraklass #woman #vintage #leather n#handmadebag #moda2020 #мода2020 #кожасумки


Suede hobo bag/ Cherry suede bag/ hobo bag/ Medium hobo bag ⚜️ Hobo Bag Made with great care and love of genuine Italian leather superior quality ⚜️nCherry suede hobo bag ~~ Been designed by Lara Klass to be worn in all case.~~ ~~ Italian leather~~nCherry Red & Purple Suede Hobo bag/ Italian Leather nTwo options Suede Hobo Leather Bags nWithout inner lining nWith inner PocketnHobo bag by Lara Klass ~~ ▪️~~ This hobo bag comes with or without zipper you can make your choise by the options on he side also there is an extra option for a same leather small cosmetic clutch bag.nMake your own combination choose your own style. #style #hobobag #laraklass nIf you want the choise no zipper no clutch but you want a magnetic clasp please send inbox or at the notes for seller at the check out write about it it can be done ✅ no extra charge. ~~ Dimensions of the bag:nnHeight 56 cm (22”)nLength 46 cm (18”) From center to the top of the bag 30 cm (12”) ~~ An internal pocket~~n(for keys, phone or other small items)nnHeight 22 cm ( 8,5") Length 22cm (8,5”) ~~ New !!! Here you can choose the color for the TASSELS (Keychain)nn ~~ The bag designed for all your needs to transfer things comfortable. Tucked giving comfort, magazines and other large bodies of objects. ~~ Absolute craftsmanship 100% Handmade by Lara Klass . ~~ Here you will see other colors in leather handbagsnn ~~ Here waiting for your comments: n ~~ Here you can send me nklasslara [!at] ~~ Here you can send me nklasslara [!at] #moda2020 #woman #vintage #fashionbag #bags #desing #suede #leatherjacket #soulderbag #etsy #etsyseller ##lovestory


Great companion for summer walks and travel


Only today US$66.31nnOriginal Price:US$110.51nnOnly 1 availablennYou save US$44.20 (40%)


Dare a To Wear, To Be Unique, To be YOU,nMy MotonMy Leather Clutch Bag by Lara Klass


Memories from 2012 from Lara Klass


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