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Leading Asian Americans to Unite for Change

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We exist to improve the lives of Asian Americans in the U.S.

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Although media has shed light on the recent acts of anti-Asian hate, many incidents go unreported and have gone unnoticed for centuries.n nTogether, we need to work towards change and #StopAsianHaten nSee our STAATUS Index results & learn how to get involved @ – link in bio #LAAUNCH


Discrimination + violence against Asian Americans is up 164% in the past year. About a quarter of white Americans do not realize that Asian-American racism is a problem while Asian Americans remain largely invisible. How do we face discrimination with continued resolve?nnThanks @psych_today + @granthbrennermd for speaking with LAAUNCh founders @normanlschen + @demingaling nnArticle here:n


Everyone has the right to feel respected – there should be no rhyme or reason otherwise.n nWe must work together to educate, raise awareness of the discrimination facing the AAPI community and develop actionable programming that tackles bias against Asian Americans. That’s why we’re working closely with organizations including @adl_national @apiavote @goldhouseco among others.n nPartner with us to #StopAsianHate and see our full STAATUS Index results at – link in bion n#LAAUNCH


The data in our STAATUS Index highlights the depth of the under representation, discrimination, and racism that the Asian American community faces on a daily basis. Thank you to @davidgriner + @konakafe for hosting our team on your podcast.nnListen and subscribe on your favorite podcast platform:nn▶️ Spotify:▶️ Apple:  n#APAHM


"The trajectory of Asian American sentiment is going in a direction that we don't want to see," Chen says. "We want to shape that trajectory in a more favorable direction. We can have more role models of Asian Americans for people to see and emulate." - @nlc4laaunchnnFrom @npr interview featuring @go_laaunchnn


During a year when Asian Americans were featured in the media such as Kamala Harris, Awkwafina, and Sandra Oh, our STAATUS Index shows many Americans couldn’t easily name a prominent, contemporary Asian American.n nWe still have more work to do.n nCheck out the full results and share these insights – link in bio.n n#LAAUNCH #StopAsianHate


Our STAATUS Index found that 42 percent of people in the U.S. can’t name one Asian American. LAAUNCH co-founder Norman Chen discusses the study with @NBCAsianAmerica #LAAUNCH #StopAsianHate


Despite all the recent news coverage of violence against the AAPI community, it’s hard to believe that many Americans are unaware of increased attacks against Asian Americans, including 46% of Republicans and 22% of Democrats.n nThese are just some of the insights we found.n nIn order to fight discrimination against the AAPI community, we need to understand the causes of anti-Asian American bias at the core.n nCheck out the full results and more resources on how to get involved so we can #StopAsianHate together – link in bio ( n#LAAUNCHn#asianheritagemonth


Our STAATUS Index found that Asian Americans remain largely invisible in US society. When asked to name a prominent Asian American, most of them couldn't. Big thanks to @BostonGlobe’s @shirley02186 for sharing these important findings. Read the full story –


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