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Learn English vocabulary in Pashto

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Learn English fresh vocabulary in Pashtu

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Some Words (nouns) with ism:


پاس له ډيرى مودى مو سلامونه قبول کړئ. ستاسو دى روغتيا او سلامتيا په هيله. دا چې تاسو ته معلومه ده چې ما يو څه وخت خدامات پريښيول نو بيا غواړو چې ستا سره خپل خداماتو ته دوام ورکړو. پخپله هم ترى پيده واخلى او له نورو سره يى هم شيرکړۍ. Thank you so much for your motivation


As you know better that our services become slow because of the shortage of your motivation. Hope learn these words and share with others. #Sharewithfriends


Learn these words and for more such kind vocabulary lessons share our Page with your friends.


Learn some Islamic words in Pashtu, share the post, and invite your friends to this page.


Learn these common English words in Pashto, and invite yours friends to support us for more upcoming vocabulary lessons.


Free English !


Happy friday to all!


Learn these words in Pashtu.👇👈


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