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Leather & Lace Dobermans

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Here at Leather and Lace Dobermans, we strive for happy and healthy Dobermans to share with the world.



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Featured Articles:


We are excited to announce our upcoming pairing! Daisy finished up her health testing and been matched up with gorgeous Hargos 💙💜 Coming Winter 2022!


We are actively looking for a guardian home position for a 1 year old female! If you’re interested in joining the Leather and Lace Doberman family or would like some more information about a guardianship, send us a message!


Sonja/Levi Litter all have made their way on to their new adventures! Watching these guys growing from afar is always so hard to do but man oh man it is what we live for! nnAssisting the families for life and watching them turn from the crazy rambunctious puppies we know and adore to the elegant protective goofy Dobermans that turn heads with every walk and slow down traffic so people get a longer glance when guarding their yards. nnShow tribute babies! We loved you first and forever! Your legacy stands as a Leather and Lace Doberman! nnYou are strong! You are tough! You are soft! You are beautiful! You are LEATHER AND LACE!


Happy Birthday to our Mazikeen! Maze is a big year old today!


Baby Deja is growing up on us! We are on our way to get her big girl ears today 💜💜


We have this super sweet girl who came back to us at no fault of her own. She is available to an approved home. She is 2 years old, needs to be an only dog as she’s pretty shy, prefer an experienced home as well. If you would like information about her, please send us a message. WE CANNOT DISCUSS PRICING IN AN OPEN FORUM, YOU MUST SEND US A MESSAGE.


Sonja/Levi litter go home next week! Goodness where has time gone?


This little cutie is looking for a guardian home! If you’re interested in becoming a guardian home for our program, please send us a message!


It is with sadness in our hearts that we announce that the breeding between Amara and Memphis was unsuccessful. For those that were waiting for a baby from this pairing, please bare with us. We will repeat the breeding in October and hope for better results!