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Let's learn English راځي چي انګليسي زده کړو

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Let's learn English easily



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English grammar.nToday I made one short video for those student's who are student's of beginner level .nIf you have any question regarding to your English you can ask me below in the comment section.



Let's learn some important word's in English which is all about environment and also we can use this word's in our daily lives .nWatch the video and learn taht two easy word's if you have any question regarding to your English you can ask me below in the comment section..


In this video you will learn the difference between consonant and vowel and also you will know that how many English letters we have in English alphabet.nRemember if you have any question regarding to your grammar you ask me below in the comment section...


If someone can't speak English or doesn't understand English sentences just raise your finger ☝️ in the comment then u have to write Pashto meaning too!


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Learn English easily
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