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Let's Learn English Together-بیاید با هم انگلیسی بیاموزیم

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Dear members and followers! This page is all about learning English language, so please like it and invite your friends to this page. Contact us through WhatsApp No:0786085304 and let us know whatever problem you have in English.



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Daily useful SentencesnLesson 3


Must read


Daily useful sentences along with their pronunciation and Dari meanings.nRotate your mobile while watching this


Daily useful sentences with pronunciation and Dari meanings


Phrasal Verbs and expressions with the verb go:nMust read and improve your vocabulary.


#The verb go and its different meanings in various examples.nGo is one of the most common irregular verbs in English that can be used intransitively. That is , it's an intransitive verb and is nerver followed by an object. therefore , we can't use this verb in passive tenses. When it's followed by any object, it may be used transitively.nSo if you want to know more about it , you should read the following texts carefully.nWe will try to prepare some phrasal verbs and idiomatic expressions in near future with the verb go.nPlease like our page and share its posts with your friends.


Using the word #lose with different meanings in different examples:کاربرد کلمه (lose) با معنی متفاوت در مثال های متفاوت


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