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Sonic Doom Devices handmade in Berlin!

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Earthlings!nnAs we teased 2 days ago we think it’s time to give something back to all of you for the immense support since our relaunch!nnSo we decided do a giveaway! nnAll you have to do is:nn- follow our pagen- like and share this postn- and make your own post or story with your favorite Lichtlaerm pedal that you own or would like to own and what you like about itn- don’t forget to tag us in your post/story so we don’t miss it!nnPrizes are:n1. A Lichtlaerm pedal of your choice and a shirt n2. A 50€ discount on your next order and a shirtn3. A 25€ discount and a shirt     nnWe will announce the winners here in exactly one week!nnGood luck to all of you!nnYou can participate anywhere in the world, of course!


Ahhh!!! As uncomfortable as I still am in front of a camera I’d like to show my face while posting this:nnIt’s been just one month since the relaunch now… and what a crazy month this was! We’ve released 7 pedals, all of them are selling faster than we can build and the feedback from every single one of you has been great! We also finished a bunch of prototypes for release during the next few months that will blow your mind!nnWith all that work we’ve been rather silent on our socials lately to focus on getting all orders shipped and to finally finish up the webshop to make the ordering process easier for all of you!nIn order to get exactly that done we will stop taking orders from tomorrow until the shop opens! We’ve also sent out some pedals for demos to players that we love - so hopefully there’s gonna be some audio-visual content as well soon!nnOne again I’d like to thank each and every one who put in an order and reassured me that reanimating Lichtlaerm was the right decision in every aspect!nnWe are planning to give something back to you guys tomorrow, so stay tuned and check our news feed around our usual post time!nnLove,nDaniel // Lichtlaerm Audio


Another batch of Kassandras is leaving the house today!nAll orders containing one will be shipped today!nA lot of you showed interest on seeing the pcb of that one: it’s actually 4 pcbs, the main one is populated on both sides. To say it was a pain to design would be an understatement but we managed to put an insane amount of features into this compact enclosure!nnWhich other modulation type would you like to see us do next?nnPS: tomorrow will be the last day of our relaunch sale! 150€ + shipping for each pedal!


Short update:nnOrders are shipping every day and we’re working day and night to keep all pedals in stock!nnSind our last post we built 100+ pedals and shipped a good half OD all open orders! I’m pretty positive that all pending orders will be on their way by the end of the week - all orders that included a Kassandra will ship at the end of the week as we just got the final parts in!nnWe also have a bunch of demos coming up along with a bunch of great news so stay tuned!


Wow. Just wow !nnI don’t even know how to find the words to express the gratitude for your feedback, for all the kind words and support that has been shown since Lichtlaerm Audios rebirth. And what a start that was: We released 7 pedals this month. Answered over 1000 messages. Sent out over 100 orders and still no end in sight. Already expanded to a bigger workshop. All in less than two weeks. nnI want to thank each and everyone of you from the bottom of my heart! We’ll keep sending out the first wave of orders and preparing demos for the whole line up as well as the next run of releases for next month and another big announcement for later this month 🙂 nnTill then: what’s you’re favorite from our releases so far? Which one would you like to hear in a demo and on which channel? What kind of pedal would you like to be see us do next?nnP.S.: please be patient or just ask again if answers take a moment or two - for the most part this is still a one man business 🙂


Well… here we go with the last release for this month and the pedal that has probably changed the most:nnOur new Kassandra!nnKassandra is the first in our coming line of modulation pedals! nnDelivering both Phaser and Univibe at the flick of a switch she offers unparalleled options and flexibility: nntap tempo, 8 waveforms (incl. 2 random sequencers), a feedback/resonance control, insane range in both depth and rate: from the slowest sweeps you’ve ever heard in a phaser to the fastest, ring mod type sounds with a depth found in no other phaser! nnWe achieved the insane depth in sound by coming up with a unique type of phasing not found in any other pedal: we always wanted to find a way of doing phaseshifting without the health risks imposed by photo-resistors, without using obsolete and horribly noisy jfets nbit still bring capable of delivering all the swooshy sounds we know and love from classic circuits! nnAfter months of research and prototypes we came up with a unique VCA-based 4-stage phaser that covers more ground than any classic phaser: wider range capable of handling synth and super low bass tones, extremely low noise floor yet still with all the vintage warmth we all love!nnKassandra gives you unlimited creative freedom to create new sounds with a 2-jack fx-loop in the wet path (try a delay for instant @quantumyob sounds: @mikesscheidt if you’re reading this: would love to send you one ❤️) and an EXP-pedal that either changes the mid point of the LFO (and through it the overall feeling of the phaser) or turns it into a manual phaser/vibe with depth set at zero!nnLast but not least we also added a jack for an external tap tempo switch and a master volume capable of up to 6dB boost!nnThis one for sure was a lot of work: 6 jacks in a compact enclosure, full digital control over an analog signal path, a completely unique way of creating phaser sounds. I can’t stress enough how proud I am of this circuit!nnThese are on sale starting right now! 150€ + shipping for the rest of the month!nnWho would you like to see demoing this? nnAlso huge shout out to ElectricDruid for creating the StompLFO and hooking us up with components for this one 🖤


Here’s a short video showcasing our new ‘SmartRelay’ switching technology! It helps overcoming the downsides of click-less switching and adds creative freedom to every pedal: use our pedals like you’re used to or just for short effect bursts! nnOur last release of the first wave will be announced tomorrow! nnThanks to @dotssounds for the music ❤️


We promised you a new face for our Lichtlaerm line up - so please welcome: Aquaria!nnAquaria is our answer to the many, many requests we’ve gotten for designing a low gain drive:nAfter comparing different OD styles we settled on the legendary Klon Centaur as a basis for our transparent overdrive. nnA mere clone was never anything we liked but we also tried to honor the sound of the original: with the same frequency spectrum, available saturation and transparency we incorporated all of the defining features of her ancestor! nnWhile the original Centaur gets his signature sound from mixing in more and more clean signal the higher you set the gain we decided to split this function into two separate controls that let you dial in the perfect mix of clean and distorted signal: go for a full on clean boost, set both pots at the same position for classic Klon sounds or even use it for a distortion that lends itself to punk and grunge sounds!nWe also added a three way clipping switch giving you the classic smooth and compressed germanium sound in the upper position, a more open, distortionesque gain structure in the lower position or lift the clipping diodes entirely by setting the switch to the middle: mix and match with different gain and clean settings for ultimate flexibility!nnOf course we didn’t stop there: we added a fully active, footswitchable 4-band EQ with its own master volume named “boost” as it can boost your signal up to 12dB! The Perfectly voiced EQ gives you sounds never heard before from a Klon and turns it into a 2-channel device that covers an immense range of sounds! We even had the chance to shoot this one out not only with a whole bunch of modern takes on the Klon but even an original 5000$ unit and have to say: she stands her ground sand we couldn’t be any more proud of how this turned out!nnAs an extra we added a slider on the inside that lets you choose between true bypass operation or the much loved buffered bypass from the original! nnWhat do you think? We love her for sure!


Today we will breathe new life into the last of our old pedals before introducing an entirely new member of our line up:nnThe .ritual.!nnOriginally commissioned by a friend and customer to give him the perfect sound for post metal - in particular the menacing sound of Amenra!nnWe went ahead, built a prototype, added some nice features and sent one to the band to get their feedback. Turned out they loved it so we went with the design:nnbased on the classic Proco RAT it gives you the sound of three different eras of its iconic ancestor: the loud, dynamic sound of the Turbo Rat, the classic White Face sound and the compressed and gritty sound of the Germanium based YoudirtyRAT. An added active 2-band EQ added an insane amount of flexibility and a second switch turned the first gain stage into an overdrive yielding more compressed, modern sound than ever heard from a RAT style pedal!nWe also added a trimmer on the inside to adjust overall presence of the circuit!nnFor the relaunch version we boosted the gain and added a cut-control to give you tighter or even sludgier sounds and increased the internal voltage to 27V increasing headroom and available volume to three times as much as before! nnThe independently usable boost is based on the one we used in the Altar and gives you a vintage style boost with a bit of grit that can be adjusted internally and can be used as a treble, mid or full range boost!nnAs with all our pedals: 150€ + shipping throughout all of July!


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