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Little Lives Small Animal Rescue

(18 Rate)
PO Box 5636
(509) 850-0023
(18 Rate)
PO Box 5636
(509) 850-0023

About :

501c3 Non-Profit small animal rescue located in Tri-Cities Washington focusing on rodents, birds, fish and reptiles.


Little Lives is a 501c3 non-profit small animal rescue located in Tri-Cities, Washington. Our mission is to find loving forever homes for small animals such as rodents, reptiles, birds, etc. that have been abandoned, abused, or neglected as well as educate our community on the importance of proper care, spaying and neutering. We also focus on community education and assistance through our Khaleesi Project and Food Pantry. Helping the animals in our community is very important to us but......



PO Box 5636 ,WA ,99302
(509) 850-0023
46.24145, -119.13715
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Featured Articles:


It's spay and neuter day! 5 down and many more to go! Not only does s/n help with reducing the amount of unwanted litters but also helps with litter box training, health and behavior! Huge thank you to Sagehills Veterinary Services for offering these surgeries at much affordable rates! Please spay and neuter your animals!


Good day, my name's Charlie!nnI'm an adorable, loveable guy looking for a best friend! My hobbies include eating, exploring, lounging and, eating some more! My favorites are greens, cucumbers and carrots... but my foster mom says I can't have too many because it's not good for me. I LOVE being around people, but not a huge fan of being held. I love floor time but will stop exploring and stand up on my hind legs for some good veggies or treats! My adoption fee even includes a wellness exam by the awesome folks at VCA! So don't wait and apply for my adorable self today!n


7 guinea pigs were abandoned at the Dollar Tree in Walla Walla over the weekend 😩 6 females, 1 male, at least 4 of the females are pregnant which means we are going to need LOTS of fosters. Follow this link to become a foster today addition to fosters we will be needing funds to ensure they get proper veterinary care, help us by sharing this! Thank you!


Howdy! I'm Boots! nnThe first thing you'll notice is my good looks and charm, what can I say...I'm the total package! My best friend Diego and I are in search of our forever family, in the meantime, we lounge around on our fosters lap, getting head scratches and eating all the hay and veggies....our foster says we're "spoiled" whatever that means! If you're the family were looking for, click on the adopt button NOW! Our adoption fee includes a wellness exam by our friends at VCA!nClick the link below to apply <3n


Last week's intakes, 3 ratties and a piggy. They will be available for adoption soon so keep an eye out! 💜


If you haven’t followed us on tiktok yet, here is the link! You do not want to miss all the cuteness! 💜nn


It's #Iguanaawarenessday and what a perfect day to introduce you to Pickle! nnHello, I'm Pickle! I'm a young iguana in search of my happily ever after. I love basking under my light, eating and exploring. My favorite veggies are....well... everything! If you're the family I'm looking for, follow this link to my profile and click on the adopt button now! My adoption fee includes a wellness exam by my friends at VCA.nnDon't forget, iguanas require specific care and large enclosures as they can grow up to 6 feet! Check out this care guide for more info


Piggies, Ham and Cheese, have been with us off/on for about a year 😩 they were adopted last year but returned after the adopter lost interest. Can we PLEASE share them so we can find their happily ever after? Thank you!! 🙏🙏nnFollow this link to view their profile and don't forget to click ADOPT to make them part of your family!


Can you believe Aria has been with us for almost a year??!! This sweet girl has such a wonderful personality and would make a great addition to any family. Please share this far and wide so we can find her the family shes been waiting for! nnHi there, I'm Aria! I am one sweet girl! I LOVE LOVE LOVE pets and cuddles. I also enjoy rearranging my hides and blankets, fresh veggies and exploring. I will come running to the side of my enclosure to greet you every time I see you! Out of enclosure time is so fun, I love to binky and explore everything! My foster family has a cat and we play together often. I have been spayed and I'm using my litter box like a pro! It took me a bit to learn to like hay, but my foster mom said it's important and I'm doing really well now! Leafy greens and celery are ammmazing!!!! You guys will not believe everything that my adoption fee includes! A wellness exam, spay, microchip, and my entire set up! So if you're ready for a new cuddly cute family member follow this link to my profile and click on the ADOPT button!!! Can't wait to meet you!


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