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(310) 435-4774

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I empower learning based entrepreneurs to build better lives and become the best version of themselves through Coaching, Training and Mentoring. I am passionate about taking action, building communities and earning freedom. My mission is to help you earn freedom through Real Estate meaning you can spend time with the people you love and doing the things you want. After ten plus years working as a British born and raised realtor in Los Angeles, CA I'm now giving back to my community......



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(310) 435-4774
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My partners in LA ARIA Properties have this gorgeous little unit on the market and there’s an open house this weekend⬇️nnWhy am I particularly excited about this little gem? 🧐Because the Seller was a first time buyer client of mine back in 2016 and we kept in touch, looked after her and now she’s entrusted the sale of her condo with my colleagues in LA…💥nnRepeats ✅ referrals ✅and our sphere of influence ✅are the mainstay of our business. Be resourceful, stay in touch, come from contribution and be the real estate expert of choice for your clients and they will remain customers for life ❤️💯👊nn#referrals #CircleOfInfluence #lukejonesre #actioncommunityfreedom


Many years ago, the co-founder of Keller Williams Realty, Inc. , Gary Keller decided to truly open the books on the company and allow ANY associate unfettered access to the company’s accounts, books and records so that there was utter transparency and also an opportunity to see how the company is truly built by AND for agents. nnInfact this is so engrained in our culture that there is rarely a situation where you second guess or question your growth share or your commission checks etc. We all just know that there are systems and processes in place to rigorously ensure absolute transparency and accountability.nnAnd so, it should come as no surprise that today - at 4pm - the UK CEO, Ben Taylor is inviting ANYONE out there to come along to the quarterly State of Your Company event. This is no insiders event. This is an opportunity to celebrate successes, showcase our models and take a deep dive into some of the numbers that make Keller Williams UK Estate Agents the fastest growing brokerage Agency in the UK right now. nnIf you’d like to learn more or you’re simply curious, come along. I’ll email you the details. Would be great to see you there.nn#soyc #mrea #kellerwilliamsuk #actioncommunityfreedom


This coming Thursday, Ben Taylor - CEO of Keller Williams UK will be giving the quarterly State of Your Company and this time EVERYONE is invited 🎉nnCheck out his post below ⬇️nnWHY should you be interested in coming along to this event? 🤔nnWell, if you’re in the high street agency game and you want to know WHY so many folk are taking the decision to launch their own Agency, HOW they’re buiding incredible businesses and WHAT they do to bring exceptional value and deliver extraordinary results to their customers, this is YOUR chance to find out💥nnIf you’re one of the other self employed or franchise or business owner brokerages out there and you want to find out HOW and WHY KW is the largest and most successful Real Estate Brokerage in the world, then this a chance to find out WHAT makes Keller Williams UK different 💥nnIf you’re keen to understand HOW and WHY Keller Williams is a trail blazer in the world of real estate technology, training and coaching then this is a chance to discover WHY💥nnAnd if you’re even remotely curious to learn about ways in which you could become an agent of change and have a career worth having, build a business worth owning so that you can live a life worth living and leave a legacy worth leaving, then this is an opportunity to learn more and discover HOW. nnSo, what is YOUR WHY? Stay curious my friends! DM me and I’ll send you the deets. 👊nn#betheagentofchange #mrea #kellerwilliamsuk #actioncommunityfreedom #staycurious #kellerwilliams #agentofchange


Happy Friday! This morning I ran a brief coaching session on our private FB group that really broke down the super simple basics around becoming a lean, mean appointment setting machine. nnI actually wanted to share it with you all but as it was a FB Live video on a private group, I couldn’t figure it out 🤪😤nnSo, instead here’s a short little video below ⬇️ in which I cover the brilliant basics - but to really do the deep dive, you’ll just have to jump in and join our group 👊💥nnIf you know what to do and how to do it AND yet still not getting into action, let’s change that right now. 💪nnDo the right thing and hold yourself accountable to the brilliant basics. Ready to meet me at the starting line? ❤️nn#actioncommunityfreedom #lukejonesre #coachluke #appointmentsetting #lovetopsham #eastdevon #devonlife #productivitycoaching


Can you believe we’re already half way through the year?! 6 months left to make 2021 your best year ever! So, what are you going to do about it…🤔nnYou could start by doing a quick audit on yourself;nn✅How’s your marketing?n💥What is working?n✅Where am I falling short?n💥Who or what am I grateful for?n✅Who do I need to add or hire?n💥Do I have a good morning routine?n✅What do I wish I’d done differently this last 6 months?n💥How’s my branding?n✅Am I Lead Generating consistently every single day?n💥Is it about time I got an accountability partner?n✅How about I get myself a coach? 👍🤟💪nnSince launching the coaching business in the spring, I now have the honor and privilege of coaching 6 amazing rockstar agents and our community of learning based entrepreneurs in our private productivity coaching groupnon FB is now 70 strong and growing by the day! I ❤️ how you are all showing up and committing to yourself in this way! nnSo, come join us and let’s explore how to make the balance of 2021 the most productive, most committed and most purposeful 6 months of your life!nnAre you ready to join me at the starting line? Book a discovery call by clicking the link below!nn


Join me this coming Tuesday for "5 Tips to Step Up Your Social Media Game. free training covers the impact social media has on building trust in your client base. Social media is a major lead generator for real estate businesses, yet most real estate brands fail to maximize their efficiency online. Join me in discussing how to tweak your content strategy in order to achieve great results. nn#lukejonesre #producersclub #realestatetraining #realestatecoach #socialmediatraining #socialmediaforrealtors #realestatelife #devon #eastdevon #devonrealesate #topsham #Exeter #exeterhomes


I hear you! We have broken down Season 1 of RedTalks into bite-size nuggets and made it available to download. I'm thrilled, once again, to re-release part 1 of the interview with Michael Putnam - Global Sales & Expansion, The United Home Group, as he talks about training your mind to transition from negativity to positive influences. With Patrice Sandstrom and Erin WheelocknnDownload here: nn #redtalks #realestatetraining #realestatecoach #realtortraining #realtorlifestyle #devon #Exeter #eastdevon #topsham


Join my Productivity Group on Facebook to explore what makes you tick and how to capitalize on it to improve your productivity, work easier, not harder, and create a life you love. Link in comments 👇n #realestatecoach #estateagentcoach #estateagenttraining #realestatetraining #realtortraining #unitedkingdom #UKrealestate


In less than an hour I’m delivering a powerful training session on how to become an Expert Buyers Agent. Many of you have registered for the free training and, if you haven’t registered yet, there’s still time to come along to this FREE event. So, if you’re available at noon today, come along....👊💥🏚nnTell you what, I’ll make this super simple. I’ll post the link to the training in the comments below. ⬇️👍nnCome along and learn why becoming an expert buyers agent is a REALLY smart move right now.nnSee you there. I absolutely guarantee you’ll learn something new today that you can implement in your business RIGHT now to win more clients. ❤️nn #training #business #event #entrepreneur #coaching #success #actioncommunityfreedom #lukejonesre #MREA

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