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Manchester Linguistics & English Language

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Official updates, news and information from the Division of Linguistics and English Language at the University of Manchester.


Join us on Facebook for lots of linguistics and language-related goodness! Whether you're a past, present or prospective student or whether you're just interested in the study of languages, you'll find the latest news, information and updates here. Tweet us @uomlel or check out Manchet, our department blog, at


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Featured Articles:


Wow, that's a big picture of Ricardo.


We're looking for a Lecturer in Linguistics and Quantitative Methods. Tell your friends!


Manchester New Researchers Forum in Linguistics is kicking off right now with home-grown plenary speaker Dr Danielle Turton, talking about rhoticity in British English.


At a loose end tomorrow (Thursday 29th)? Come and dissect language with us!


Third-year undergrad Lucy Giannasi blogs about her summer internship experience with LEL.


Students: make full use of your time at university and volunteer! Volunteering is a great way to step outside of academic life, make a difference in the community, meet new people and improve your employability.


The Our Dialects project has been promoting LEL research in local secondary schools to an enthusiastic reception - read about what they've been up to heren