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Marine Corps Recruiting Station Grand Junction, CO

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2502 US-6, Ste 600-C
(970) 243-5071
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2502 US-6, Ste 600-C
(970) 243-5071

About :

The official Facebook page of the United States Marine Corps Recruiting Station Grand Junction, Colorado.


This is a page dedicated to those elite members of the community who wish to become United States Marines. To serve in our Corps is to embrace the responsibility of keeping our nation safe and free. Whether as an Enlisted Marine or Marine Officer, on active duty or in the Marine Corps Reserve, your service option will define how you serve, not who you are....



2502 US-6, Ste 600-C ,CO ,81505
(970) 243-5071
39.083786171023, -108.58885999223
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Featured Articles:


The NROTC scholarship allows juniors in high school to apply for a full ride scholarship to the university of their choice. Upon graduation from college you will commission as a United States Marine Officer. Applications open July 1st.


Being a Marine Corps Reservist allows you to stay local to the area, continue your education or work a civilian job while being a United States Marine. Talk to a Marine Recruiter at


A Calling Heard Around the WorldnnThe Musician Enlistment Option Program (MEOP) gives young men and women the opportunity to fight and win our Nation’s battles while pursuing their passion for music. MEOP is where you will learn how to create a harmony of determination, resiliency, and talent as a Marine Musician. Learn more: by Lance Cpl. Quinn Hurt)


Introducing GySgt Ken Ebo the Musical Talent Acquisition Marine spreading the word about the Musician Enlistment Option Program. Musicians in the Marine Corps travel the world playing ceremonial music, doing marching band, concerts, jazz band, rock band, and more. Learn more at


Congratulations future Marine! Poolee Johnson has officially enlisted into the Delayed Entry Program for the Marine Corps!n.n.nZachary Johnson wants to test his abilities a take on one of the toughest challenges in the country. Marine Corps boot camp. He has had a tougher upbringing than most and believes it will help him succeed in Recruit Training.n.n.nPoolee Johnson has played both football and wrestling in high school and doesn't want to let off the physical fitness gas. He wants to stay active and healthy throughout his life and use what the Marines will teach him to meet that objective.n.n.nJohnson lacks the desired level of self discipline he knows will make him a better man. He understands that once he is on his own he has to be on top of his life so that he can be successful.n.n.nCongratulations Johnson! Now that you're a Poolee we can start getting you truly ready for the rigors of Recruit Training! 💪💪💪


THROUGH THIS PORTAL WALKS the future of the United States Marine Corps.nnLima Company is scheduled to graduate May 7. n n#USMC #MCRDSD #ReceivingnnPhotos by: Lance Cpl. Grace J. Kindred


New poolee alert 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨Ok ok ok this has been a long time coming. Please help me in congratulating our newest member to the team @bwilliy6 Poolee Byrd William's the 6th. This dude right here has proven he has what it takes to become a United States Marine. I'm proud of you brother you earned every bit of it. @sgt.mcgee @sgtburvant @ssgt.vidal @rocky_mountain_marines #marines #usmc #coloradomarines #montrosemarines #westernslopemarines # ridgwaycolorado


🇺🇲 FUTURE MARINE ALERT 🇺🇲nI take great pleasure in introducing Poolee Pettit. Colton Pettit has officially enlisted in the United States Marine Corps.n.n.nPoolee Pettit is a no excuses kinda man. He wants the self confidence to be a successful adult and to set himself up for life.n.n.nColton wants to lead Marines by developing his leadership abilities through the Marines. He wants to be counted on to get the job done and to accomplish any task that presents itself.n.n.nPoolee Pettit strives to challenge himself to test his abilities. He is a MMA fighter and is looking forward to the Marine Corps Martial Arts training in boot camp.n.n.nCongratulations future Marine. Continue to kick ass. 🔥🔥


Repost from @sgt.mcgeen•n🚨FUTURE MARINE ALERT🚨 nnJoin me in welcoming new Poolee, Ashlyn Sullins to the Marine Corps family!✊n nPoolee Sullins is an early graduate from Steamboat Springs high school class of 2021 and just days after her final exams, she has taken the next steps in becoming a United States Marine. 🔥🔥🔥 She is currently set to ship to bootcamp in October 2021.n nWhen I first met with Ashlyn she was looking into every branch but the Marine Corps. Her dad is a sailor, her grandfather as well and her brother is an active duty airman. Needless to say it was a fun/interesting meeting when I first met with her family. 😅n nPoolee Sullins is a natural born leader and has held multiple leadership positions in her local Civil Air Patrol Squadron. Some of the things that intrigued her about the Marine Corps were the leadership, the discipline, the structure and a true challenge. When she told her family that the Marine Corps was the route she wanted, her brother told her “you’re joining the real military” 😆 n nAll jokes aside, I am proud to have you apart of this team/family @shollee_ . You are the kind of person we are looking for and I am excited to see what the Marine Corps has in store for you! TIME TO GET TO WORK!💪


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