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Medical cases discussion forum (mcdf)

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A perfect place for medical discussion.
(474 Rate)
A perfect place for medical discussion.

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With wide horizon of discussion,together we draw more specific conclusions.. Together we can make a better and more healthier world to live in. together we can heal better!!


share knowledge share understandings..and let the both grow together!!! Feel free to peep in. We bet u won't be disapointed! huge collections of Medical MCQs, cases, spot diagnosis, news, pnemonics,medical humors and many more.. Let the medicine grow and get empowered with all that it needs to heal any wound!...



A perfect place for medical discussion.

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Here are some of the best resources I have come across in my residencyn"ANKI" best-spaced repetition software all time nnwith time i will share my anki notes freely nnSee more about it :


FRCR Radiology MSK Case 01 : A 13 yrs old boy presented with pain in the left lower limbnWhat are your findings and DIagnosis?nfor the correct answer: #RME #FRCR2B


A premature neonate presented with Poor Feeding and Vomiting | FRCR Radiology GIT Cases 06nWhat is your diagnosis?nFor correct Answer: #GIT #FRCR2b #RME


A mother kissing her baby finds that the baby's skin is salty. The diagnosis is : (with reasons)rnA. Fanconi syndromernB. ThalassemiarnC. Cystic fibrosisrnD. Niemann pick disease


A 34 years old patient presented with pain tenderness and red boggy swelling in the frontal region of the head. rnwhat is your diagnosis?? (hints : its a misnomer)


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