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Mental Health/Illness Quotes & Information

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This is a page for us to share encouragement for those who are battling mental illness and share information about/raise awareness for mental illnesses. We are not professionals.
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Dr. Rachel (@drrachelnyc): "Today is World Suicide Prevention Day, although we need to be talking about this and raising awareness EVERY SINGLE DAY!nnWe often dont know what to say to people when they are going through difficult times. We also dont talk about how to hold someone who is grieving the loss of someone who died by suicide, and that kind of awareness is vital for all those feeling alone in their loss. Losing someone to suicide is complex. YES, even now, there is a stigma, and many dont know how to talk about it, so there's often silence. Silence breeds more pain and even can lead to shame. Approaching someone who lost someone to suicide is vital.nnToday, I joined my dear friend and colleague @drjenpsych_ to offer a quick guide to do just that. Swipe 👉🏻 to see examples of what NOT to say, and what to say, to someone grieving the loss of a loved one who died by suicide.nnToday also would have been Dr. Jen's cousin's 24th birthday. Anthony died by suicide 4 years ago.nnSo, yes to prevention, AND, also let's not forget to keep those who've lost someone in our hearts and in our minds. Let's not let them isolate, let's not isolate them either. Let's approach this mindfully. Let's keep advocating for each other. Let's be there for each other. Let's reach out to others and tell them that they are important to us and that we are here for them.nnXo, @drjenpsych_ @drrachelnyc"


Emily Taylor (@the.positive.pineapple): "Sending so much love to all those affected by suicide, whether it be you or someone you care about. We all need to do more💛 Please share to raise awareness as this is a topic that is still not spoken about enough until it is too late!"


@adoseofreminders: "This is your reminder that your feelings are still valid even if it won’t matter in a few years 🦋 Seen a couple of quotes on social media along the lines of “if it won’t matter in a year from now don’t stress” and to me, it’s so insensitive. You’re allowed to be angry, upset, overwhelmed or anxious about something if it bothers you. If it bothers you it bothers you and it is valid. You are allowed to feel how ever you feel. Period 🌸🌻💛"


Risk factors, protective factors, and warning signs regarding suicide


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