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Messi Is My Love Barcalona Is My Life

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hi there iam admin of the page if u have any issue or a request simply contact me follow us on fb and youtube
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2019-10-09 Magical football


Ansu fati barcelona wonder kid


What a line up 😻


Mourinho: "Messi made me a better coach"n"Messi never played for my team but I played against him and he made me a better coach for having to prepare matches, for having to organize my team [to face him]”, he said in an interview with EFE agency." nnSource: [MD/As]


Lionel Messi: “My dream was to be a professional player only! All these honors were like a cherry on top. It all became possible with the help of my teammates.”


Somethings never changed


This picture saya everything 💓😍nn-Captain


This young lad have some great talent♥just need to improve his passing otherwise he is a pure gem