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Messi the king of football

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(228 Rate)

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Welcome to our facebook page of "Messi Is The King Of Football". Stay with us...

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Argentine football legend Diego Maradona has passed away at the age of 60 after suffering a heart attack.


Happy Birthday boss


We won guys. Supercup is ours.n Visca el barca.n And what a great team effort by sevilla, a round of applause for sevilla.n They fought till the end.n Respect.n And messi we love you n the best match ever, spine chillingnn But everyone is saying all about messi's two free kick and messi did that blah one remember the guy name Pedro....He was always there for Barcelona.if he leaves dmn sure gonna miss that super sub..(hope he will stay and get a lot of playing time )


Roni about Messi


If it is 50s......nn#EJK


Good bye legend n#Dknight


Welcome to barca family


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