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Messi VS Ronaldo

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All that is new about the star of world football (Messi) & show technical and indices


When Barcelona meet Real Madrid the biggest subplot is the battle of Lionel Messi vs Cristiano Ronaldo. Ronaldo was the world’s most expensive player when Real signed him for $131 in the summer of 2009. Prior to that he had been signed by Manchester United from Sporting Lisbon as an 18-year-old. They are two of the highest paid soccer players in the world game. Messi has a release clause of $400 million and his rise to the top could not......




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Carrier StatenMessi and Ronaldo ❤️


Cristiano Ronaldo presents the Manchester United shirt 2022-2023... and further evidence of the approaching departurennAnother sign to leave?nnAlthough Cristiano Ronaldo has informed the Manchester United management that he will leave the team in order to participate in the Champions League, the Portuguese still has the most important advertising image among the United players for sure.nnRonaldo has made a regular appearance in the official announcements for the squad for the 2022-2023 season, which saw a return to a previous design and pattern of the white collars worn by the Old Trafford giants for many previous times in the nineties of the twentieth century.nnIf Ronaldo's participation in the campaign for next season's shirt has not been affected, there is another publicity factor that has been affected by this decision.nكريستيانو رونالدو يقدم قميص مانشستر يونايتد 2022-2023 ... والمزيد من الأدلة على اقتراب الرحيلnn علامة أخرى على المغادرة؟nn على الرغم من أن كريستيانو رونالدو أبلغ إدارة مانشستر يونايتد بأنه سيترك الفريق من أجل المشاركة في دوري أبطال أوروبا ، إلا أن البرتغالي لا يزال لديه الصورة الإعلانية الأكثر أهمية بين لاعبي يونايتد بالتأكيد.nn ظهر رونالدو بانتظام في الإعلانات الرسمية للمنتخب لموسم 2022-2023 ، والذي شهد عودة إلى تصميم ونمط سابقين من الياقات البيضاء التي كان يرتديها عمالقة أولد ترافورد لعدة مرات سابقة في تسعينيات القرن العشرين. مئة عام.nn إذا لم تتأثر مشاركة رونالدو في حملة قميص الموسم المقبل ، فهناك عامل دعاية آخر تأثر بهذا القرار.n#CR7


A struggle between Messi and Mbappe in Paris because of NeymarnnAs if the problems do not want to leave Paris Saint-Germain.nnPress reports revealed that there are many problems between the duo, Lionel Messi, the former captain of Barcelona, ​​​​the current Paris Saint-Germain, and his colleague in the French team, Kylian MbappenThis came according to what the newspaper "Mundo Deportivo" reported, which confirmed that the reason for the recent conflict between the players is the Brazilian Neymar da Silva.nnThe newspaper pointed out that Messi completely rejects the departure of Neymar da Silva from the team, after recent reports of the club's desire to get rid of him.


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ما مرّ ذِكرُكَ إلا وابتسمتُ لهُn‏كأنكَ العيد والباقون أيّامُnn‏أو حَامَ طيفُكَ إلا طِرتُ أتبعُهُn‏أنتَ الحقيقةُ والجلّاسُ أوهامُnLeo Messi


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🚨DID YOU KNOW: Messi can go goalless for 3 full seasons and still have a better goal scoring ratio than Ronaldo. 😳nnAnd still some people have the audacity to troll him for not scoring a goal yet at PSG. 😂


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