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Motivational and Inspirational Quotes

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"Pain is temporary. Quitting lasts forever." I believe that sports has inspired me to who I am today. Has it done the same for you? Join this page and hear more stories about people like us.

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In case you missed it....nnChia seeds can also help in improving our skin and reduce premature ageing :OnnThis is one more reason why we should include this ancient old seeds in our diet...


Recently I completed a 21 day exercise challenge ( ok,not recently- it was a month back, but got the chance to write about it now :) )nnMy daily workout included:nCardio-10 mins, 15 pushups, 50 squats, 25 mountain climbers, 50 steps, 30 sidekicks, 30 frontkicks, 15 abdominal crunches.nnHere are 9 One Liner Lessons I learnt during my 21 day exercise challenge:nn1) The toughest part is always to tie up you shoe laces and get out. nn2) Ask yourself who is the DRIVER of your life: YOU or Your Mind? nn3) Will anything that you want to do in life, be easy? No… But Worth it – Absolutely.. nn4) It's easy to give up, but giving up only will make me feel weaker. nn5) If I'll not keep my commitments, then who will! The key to self-esteem is to follow what you say! nnIn case you are interested to read the full article, here is the link: n


Day 7: It's been one week since I took up the challenge of waking up early in the morning.nnPerformance so far has been not even below par, it has been pathetic . The counter reads 2:5 with 2 being number of times I have been able to live up to the challenge.nnBut in terms of insights and learnings, it has been quite a week. nn1) Mind is not only fickle but very powerful in making you do things which you know is the easy way out but not the right one probably. Imagine if the same power of mind can be harnessed in the right way, that's when magic happens and champions are born.nn2) Being inspired only might not work for you. You need to be disciplined in life to even accomplish the seemingly most simple things of life.nn3) Don't shrug off other people's ideas just because in our limited thinking, it might not work. LISTEN to others with an open mind and you can only LIS TEN if you are SIL ENT ( Listen and Silent have same alphabets).nn4) Acknowledge your failures and keep on trying till you achieve your goals one day. Failure is where you will learn and once you l-earn, then you can earn too😊nnIn short, the pic attached beautifully captures my first week summary!!


40 Day Challenge and Day 2 Update: nn


In case you are interested, feel free to join or follow the challenge ...nn


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