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Muqaddas Travel Adviser-مقدس ټریول آډوایزر

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Muqaddas Travel Adviser
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Muqaddas Travel Adviser

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Muqaddas Travel Adviser ,2601
34.43877875064, 70.435814

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قابل توجه مسافرین عزیز!


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خدمات ویزه ایرانnاخذ ویزه فامیلی و انفرادی ایران همرای تکت رفت برگشت مشهد و تهران. n قابل اجرا است)nبا نازلترین قیمت در مدت ۲هفته کار اجراع میشود.nnبا نازلترین قیمت.nnشماره تماس n0788423570n0781424857n0774273090nادرس: مقدس ټریول آډوایزر


ګرانو هیوادوالو لوی اختر مو مبارک شه


Russia tourist visannOne Month VisanOne year VisanExecuted at a reasonable price and guaranteenWhatsApp number: 0781424857nWhatsApp number: 0788423570nnویزی سیاحتی کشور روسیهnnویزی یک ماهnویزی یک سالهnبه قیمت مناسب و تضمینی اجرا میشود nشماره وتساپ:0781424857nشماره وتساپ:0788423570


The National Command and Opera­tion Centre (NCOC) said the ban will come into effect from August 1.nnPakistan has imposed a ban on air travel for people who have not been vaccinated against Covid-19, a move deemed to curb the further spread of the virus, it was reported on Saturday.nnIn its announcement on Friday, the National Command and Opera­tion Centre (NCOC) said the ban will come into effect from August 1, reports Dawn news.nnThe latest measures come after an increase in coronavirus cases was witnessed throughout the country, as well as the impending threat of an outbreak of the Delta variant.nBesides the travel ban, the NCOC also made it mandatory for all adult students to get themselves vaccinated by August 31.nnA day after Prime Minister Imran Khan warned about the spread of the Delta variant, Asad Umar, who also heads the NCOC, on Friday admitted that the fourth wave had set in and issued new guidelines to check its spread.


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