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kabul Afghanistan
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kabul Afghanistan

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دانش آموز سیاست و مدیریت


kabul Afghanistan

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#US_ELECTION 🇺🇲🇺🇲n●Live Results


𝙄𝙢𝙥𝙖𝙘𝙩 𝙤𝙛 𝙩𝙝𝙚 2019–20 𝙘𝙤𝙧𝙤𝙣𝙖𝙫𝙞𝙧𝙪𝙨 𝙥𝙖𝙣𝙙𝙚𝙢𝙞𝙘 𝙤𝙣 𝙞𝙣𝙩𝙚𝙧𝙣𝙖𝙩𝙞𝙤𝙣𝙖𝙡 𝙧𝙚𝙡𝙖𝙩𝙞𝙤𝙣𝙨nn●🇨🇳The Chinese government has been criticised by the United States for its handling of the pandemic, which began in the Chinese province of Hubei. In Brazil, the Congressman Eduardo Bolsonaro, son of President Jair Bolsonaro, caused a diplomatic dispute with China when he retweeted a message saying: "The blame for the global coronavirus pandemic has a name and surname: the Chinese Communist party." Yang Wanming, China's top diplomat in Brazil, retweeted a message that said: "The Bolsonaro family is the great poison of this country."nState propaganda in China has been promoting a narrative that China's authoritarian system is uniquely capable of curbing the coronavirus and contrasts that with the chaotic response of the Western democracies. European Union foreign policy chief Josep Borrell said that "China is aggressively pushing the message that, unlike the US, it is a responsible and reliable partner." ]nTo counter its negative image, China has sent aid to 82 countries, the World Health Organization, and the African Union. ] According to Yangyang Cheng, a postdoctoral research associate at Cornell University, "The Chinese government has been trying to project Chinese state power beyond its borders and establish China as a global leader, not dissimilar to what the U.S. government has been doing for the better part of a century, and the distribution of medical aid is part of this mission." Borrell warned that there is "a geo-political component including a struggle for influence through spinning and the ‘politics of generosity’." nMore controversially, China has also attempted to deflect criticisms by blaming the United States Armed Forces for initiating the coronavirus epidemic. It is widely agreed that this is not the case. Problematically, Xinhua, the mouthpiece of the Chinese Communist Party, published an editorial threatening to drag the US into "the mighty sea of coronavirus" by ending pharmaceutical exports, even after official Chinese sources claimed the epidemic in China was under control.The US reaction to this threat, particularly in conservative circles, has been extremely negative, and relations between the two countries have soured since.nBecause of China's perceived mishandling of the coronavirus epidemic, the largest tabloid newspaper of Germany put together a 130 billion euros damage that they would like for China to pay to Germany. China responded that this act stirs up xenophobia and racismnn●🇪🇺The Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez stated that "If we don't propose now a unified, powerful and effective response to this economic crisis, not only the impact will be tougher, but its effects will last longer and we will be putting at risk the entire European project", while the Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte commented that "the whole European project risks losing its raison d'être in the eyes of our own citizens".] From 4 to 19 March, Germany banned the export of personal protective equipment,] and France also restricted exports of medical equipment, drawing criticism from EU officials who called for solidarity.[35] Many Schengen Area countries closed their borders to stem the spread of the virus.nnJointly issued debtEditnnMain article: corona bondsnnDebates over how to respond to the epidemic and its economic fallout have opened up a rift between Northern and Southern European member states, reminiscent of debates over the 2010s European debt crisis.[37] Nine EU countries—Italy, France, Belgium, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Ireland, Slovenia and Luxembourg—called for "corona bonds" (a type of eurobond) in order to help their countries to recover from the epidemic, on 25 March. Their letter stated, "The case for such a common instrument is strong, since we are all facing a symmetric external shock."][39] Northern European countries such as Germany, Austria, Finland, and the Netherlands oppose the issuing of joint debt, fearing that they would have to pay it back in the event of a default. Instead, they propose that countries should apply for loans from the European Stability Mechanism.Corona bonds were discussed on 26 March 2020 in a European Council meeting, which dragged out for three hours longer than expected due to the "emotional" reactions of the prime ministers of Spain and Italy. European Council President Charles Michel and European Central Bank head Christine Lagarde have urged the EU to consider issuing joint debt.] Unlike the European debt crisis—partly caused by the affected countries—southern European countries did not cause the coronavirus pandemic, therefore eliminating the appeal to national responsibility.




#Delhi nCoronavirus




#Coronavirus in Chandigarh india


Turkey has sent medical aid to China and told the world that Islam does not respond to evil with evil.


Top UN court orders Myanmar to protect Rohingya from genocide


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