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Nail Art Club

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A page with fashionable nail art ideas and advice's for nail care.

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Summer Gel Nails appear quite stylish and pretty. It can easily match with any outfit especially during the time of summer season. This artistic design can introduce a pretty and fresh vibe to your fingernails during the hot summer season. For every girl, it is a favorite design and the colors applied on the fingernails do not easily fade while travelling outdoor for a long period of time. [ 76 more words. ] nn


There is no doubt that once you imprint various tribal symbols and signs in the polished colorful background of your nails, it will have a stunning impact on the onlookers. There are plenty of traditional tribal symbols and motifs that you can apply over your nails to make it truly adorable. For instance, your fingernails will truly appear wonderful if you apply tribal designs and symbols of Aztec pattern. [ 70 more words. ] nn


When it comes to designing the nail of your toe, you need to display a lot of perseverance and patience to craft such a wonderfully imprinted design. Applying combinations like pink, white and black will surely be of marvelous wonder. Once you manage to add dotted polka signs then it will further multiply the appearance of your toenails. You can enrich the beauty of your toenails through infusing sparkle silver lining with black and pink stripes to obtain a wonderful decorative impact. [ 55 more words. ] nn


This design comes with a trendy feeling and is quite adorable among women of all ages. This design is appropriate for those fashion conscious women who want to have nails with aesthetic and sexy appeals. The nails appear good on every occasion and it can be experimented with a number of colorful combinations. Other colors like silver, golden metallic, black and white will truly make your nails an eclectic piece of wonder among the social circles. [ 47 more words. ] nn


To get this design you just have to attach bow 3D stickers that are found in varieties of colorful designs and shades like pink, silver, black and so on. Though these are a bit tricky to attach, but once you manage to do so it will fetch maximum attention to your fingernails. The color of your bow stickers will glow much brightly if you introduce majestic background polish colors in your cute adorable fingernails. [ 30 more words. ] nn


For painting the symbol of heart on your fingernails, you need to soak them in the lukewarm water bowl to free your fingernails from existing color polish and cuticles. Then you need to apply certain creams on your fingernails. After that, you have to cut a very small paper piece in whose mid position you need to create a blank hole like that of the heart symbol. [ 79 more words. ] nn


15 Fabulous Stripes and Stars Nail Art Worth Tryingnn


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