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Nam Seng Wonton Noodles

(6 Rate)
1008A Toa Payoh North
(6 Rate)
1008A Toa Payoh North

About :

Serving wanton happiness since 1958. Grandma Leong (aka Ah Poh) brings you a taste of nostalgia with


1008A Toa Payoh North ,Singapore ,318998

Opening Hours :

Monday: 08:00AM - 14:00PM
Tuesday: 08:00AM - 06:00PM
Wednesday: 08:00AM - 06:00PM
Thursday: 08:00AM - 06:00PM
Friday: 08:00AM - 06:00PM
Saturday: 08:00AM - 06:00PM

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Featured Articles:


Thank you Lianhe Zaobao 联合早报 for this beautiful video on granny ❤️


Thank you Woon Tai Ho for coming to visit Granny yesterday. She enjoys reminiscing and imparting words of wisdom.


🙏 Ah Po has been overwhelmed with the love and support she has received over the last week and wants to thank each and everyone of you who came down to see her. She also wants to apologise for the long waits and disappointments when her wonton noodles are sold out. As with new starts (or re-start in this case) there are lots of things to iron out. nn🎊 In the excitement of announcing Ah Po's return there has been some confusion with our partnership with Che Kitchen that we would like to clear up. Whilst we very much appreciate the speed of setting up the new stall for Nam Seng Noodles the relationship is very much still in its early phase and a franchise has not yet been established.nn📧 We are keen to explore any new and fresh ideas with anyone who would be interested in being part of Ah Po's brand and ethos. All interest should be directed to [email protected] nn📣 Finally, all official Nam Seng Noodles news will be published on our website, Facebook and Instagram pages. Thank you all. Yum Seng!nn #namseng #namsengnoodles #namsengwantonmee nnPhoto Credit: CNA


We are still working out the teething issues and finding our feet with the stall’s operations, but Ah Po is on it! nnAh Po apologises for the inconvenience caused and thank you all for your continuous support.


And this was where it all began.nnNam Seng’s humble beginnings beside the former National Library of Singapore.


Ah Po is back in business!nnShe is looking forward to catch up with all of you! nn*Nam Seng Wanton Noodles* n1008A Toa Payoh North Singapore 318998nHours: 8:30am-5pmnnp.s. #guinnessstout is what has kept her going during her hiatus :)


My Favourite Person n(A writing piece by Granny's great grand-daughter) #namsengnoodles #prouddadnnA humid, scorching day in Singapore is enough to make you wish you were trapped in an iceberg (perhaps that was an over exaggeration). By some fortunate stroke of luck, you see a small restaurant, which is nothing spectacular, but you are drawn to it. Outside, on the small street in Chinatown. Two children near there climb and play on the small statues, while an elderly woman watches them over keen eyes.n nI feel the cool air rush onto my face. It tingles, like how peppermints make your mouth feel sweet, refreshed and a little minty. This place has the faint scent of vanilla. We are in a boxing training area. The man at the counter always lets my brother and I sit on the small stools while we wait for our parents to call us back again. I look down at my hands, the material of the statues we play on always leave a rough feeling on them. We decide to head back to the restaurant, and the humidity hits me like a wall. All traces of the peppermint sensation have left us. At the restaurant is an elderly figure, hunched over the counter, waiting for my brother and me. n nThe drinks are refreshing, and the small cans of the fizzy apple juice cooled you down aplenty. The food gives me a wonderful sense of nostalgia, longing for the days we came here previously. Wishing that it all lasted forever. My great grandma's soft, glacial hands touch mine. She speaks in Cantonese, yet that doesn't stop the admiration or cause any lack of affection. Her food is bursting with flavour, each bite is better than the last. We laugh, we smile on the small chairs in an insignificant restaurant, which is more significant than you could ever imagine. n nYou see them smiling. The elderly woman is feisty, perhaps that is what made her kindness so ironic. When they leave, the sadness in their eyes make it clear they don't do this very often. As her great grandchildren head home, she goes back to her shop. You see that she is different, she wears different clothing, has a different personality than most, and a voice that is raspy, kind and friendly. She always seems to be there for everyone she loves, like a friendly shadow, following and guiding them home. Then, she continues working as hard as ever. Waiting, for the next time they come to visit. nnThis is a photo of my great grandma. Her restaurant is Nam Seng Noodle House, but it is temporarily closed for now because of Covid.


And the results from yesterday’s poll.. is YES! Thank you to all who participated 🙏🏻 😊


🏮 元宵节快乐 合家平安nn🧧 祝大家 恭喜發財 心想事成 萬事如意nn🥢 Ah Po has been busy preparing food for family and friends over this festive period. Wantons for everyone!nn🍊🍊 She wishes you a prosperous and safe year ahead! Huat ah!


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