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افغانستان را از نگاه عکاسان نشنال جئوگرافی تجربه کنید. Experience the world through the eyes of National Geographic photographers.

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Kabul's Habibullah Zazai Park is a public space that offers entertainment and relaxation options to residents of Afghanistan's capital city. The park is part of a network of community-focused green spaces that have natural pathways and recreational facilities. nnPhotographer: @suliman.sallehi n#park #kabul #afghanistan


Since the US withdrawal and the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan in August 2021, the country has endured a deepening and increasingly deadly humanitarian crisis. Acute malnutrition is spiking across the country and 95 percent of households have been experiencing insufficient food consumption and food insecurity. At least 55 percent of the population is “expected to be in crisis or emergency levels of food insecurity” through March 2022, according to the United Nations. Humanitarian organizations have repeatedly issued warnings about the sheer scale of the crisis and how much worse it can get. Afghan children are starving to death nearly every day.nPhotograph: @aref_karimi777


Congratulations to #NatGeoExplorer Lynsey Addario (@lynseyaddario) for being named the 2022 Eliza Scidmore Award for Outstanding Storytelling recipient. In acknowledgment of her immersive storytelling and ability to make complex issues relevant and accessible, Lynsey is well-deserving of this award. Lynsey has covered humanitarian crises and conflict over the past two decades, demonstrating her power to tell compelling stories that make distant global crises visible, relevant, and understandable to audiences anywhere in the world. Read about Lynsey's work and influence around the world through storytelling at the link in our bio. Photo courtesy Lynsey Addario


Kuz Kunar or Khewa is a district in the north of Nangarhar Province, Afghanistan, on the Kunar River.nPhotograph: @roya_heydari


“Just Smile”nA smile from a child in puckaged sunshine and rainbows nPhotograph: @morteza_eqbalzada nn#smile #justsmile #child #bamyan #afghanistan


The Wakhan Corridor had 12,000 inhabitants. The northern part of the Wakhan, populated by the Wakhi and Pamiri peoples, is also referred to as the [email protected]_ontheroad n#wakhan #pamir #afghanistan


The Panjshir Valley is a valley in northeastern Afghanistan, 150 kilometres (93 mi) north of Kabul, near the Hindu Kush mountain range. [email protected] n#panjshir #afghanistan #mountains


Photos by Muhammed Muheisen @mmuheisen n “I spent several years documenting the daily life and the challenges Afghan refugees and internally displaced people face in Pakistan, focusing mostly on children, who I see as the most vulnerable victims of conflict. One of the things l'm most proud of is being the founder of the @everydayrefugees Foundation, where through photography we make a difference.“nnFor more photos and videos of the refugee crisis, follow me @mmuheisen @mmuheisenpublic. For more on how to get involved, follow @everydayrefugees. #MuhammedMuheisen #EverydayRefugees #MakingaDifference #Kabul #Afghanistan


An Afghan boy learns religious lessons in a mosque. nPhotograph: @morteza_3amadi nn#afghan #afghanistan #mosque #religious


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