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mashaallah Quran recition


may Allah bless and reward all who involed in this


1 year ago distribute sewing machines in widows Afghanistan so they can sewing clothes and make some money and feed their kids and family . may Allah swt bless and reward all who involed nAmeen


salam alikum as you know afghanistan have war and alot of families leave the houses bcoz of war then need food ,water ,blanket, tent and more home stuff and first aid nsend me copy sisters when you done it sis no money is little even one dollor every dollor will be countnDont forget our Afghan brothers and sister this hard time jazak Allah khair nRana GhazzaouinBSB: 082141nAcc: 126980200nRef: for Afghanistan refuges


Afghan kids in war


Alhamdulilah distribute meats and sweets on poor madrasa orphans kids im Afghanistan may Allah give shifa a sister who help and may Allah bless reward all who help in all of this nAmeen


Eid Al_Adah 2021 qurbani for orphans in Afghanistan nsacrifie sheeps and distribute meats in orphans and widows families. May Allah accept our sisters qurbani and May Allah bless and reward all sisters who involed in this qurbani and feed orphans nAmeen


Dua for lebanon 🤲


Dua for a sister good health and shifa 🤲


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