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Poland - National Football Team

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Official site: Łączy nas piłka

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The last world cup for these legends 🤝


🇵🇱 vs 🇸🇪 2:0! 🍾


Undefeated in the national stadium for 7 years, sick 🤯🤯🤯nn17 wins - 9 draws - 2 loses (64:23)nn11.10.2014 Polska – Germany 2:0 (el. EURO 2016)n14.10.2014 Polska – Scotland 2:2 (el. EURO 2016)n13.06.2015 Polska – Georgia 3:0 (el. EURO 2016)n7.09.2015 Polska – Gibraltar 8:1 (el. EURO 2016)n11.10.2011 Polska – Irleland 2:1 (el. EURO 2016)n13.11.2015 Polska – Island 4:2n08.10.2016 Polska – Denmark 3:2 (el. MŚ 2018)n11.10.2016 Polska – Armenia 2:1 (el. MŚ 2018)n10.06.2017 Polska – Romania 3:1 (el. MŚ 2018)n04.09.2017 Polska – Kazakhstan 3:0 (el. MŚ 2018)n08.10.2017 Polska – Montenegro 4:2 (el. MŚ 2018)n24.03.2019 Polska – Latvia 2:0 (el. EURO 2020)n10.11.2017 Polska – Uruguay 0:0n12.06.2018 Polska – Lithuania 4:0n10.06.2019 Polska – Israel 4:0 (el. EURO 2020)n09.09.2019 Polska – Austria 0:0 (el. EURO 2020)n13.10.2019 Polska – Northern Macedonia 2:0 (el. EURO 2020)n19.11.2019 Polska – Slovenia 3:2 (el. EURO 2020)n02.09.2021 Polska – Albania 4:1 (el. MŚ 2022)n08.09.2021 Polska – England 1:1 (el. MŚ 2022)


Lewandowski - my god, what a player 🔥🔥🔥n1:1


🔥 Great game!


Lewandowski pure Claas. Anyway, that was a good game, thank you guys and congrats to Sweden.


🇵🇱 vs 🇪🇸


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