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Building a Straight Wire to the Soul of Music Ultra low distortion speaker drivers and audio power amplifiers

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Kroma Mimi Extreme powered by our PTT6.5X featured in Stereophile:n“Using wireless streaming, the speakers threw a thrillingly wide soundstage on that oft-heard Tchaikovsky blockbuster from Reference Recordings, the overture from Mazeppa. The speaker's bass extension and weight was truly impressive, and the highs were exciting, lively, but perfectly controlled. When we played the CD layer of Iván Fischer's recording of Mahler Symphony No.3, the soundstage was again wide and deep, the reach low, and the highs lovely in the best possible way. Color me extremely impressed.”nn


New 7040 based amp from ROUGE AUDIO Designnn


PTT6.5 midranges spotted in the wild. This interesting speaker receives 98/100 points for sound quality. nn


New PURIFI design from HiFiCompass


Review data online from Erin’s Audio Corner. First review ever of the 8”


Upcoming review


The 8” Alu is now open for preorders. Expected shipping mid July. nn


Buchardt reveals their A500 signature edition with two PTT6.5 extended stroke ultra low distortion woofers. The front woofer having a dual voice coil fed by 2x150 Watts and 150W for the back woofer and tweeter each. Will play loud deep and clear. nn


Truly awesome to experience the new WVL SERENDIPITY and hear our PTT6.5 ultra-low-distortion drivers in action - check out


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