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Despite signing a security pact with China this year, Pacific Minister Pat Conroy says Solomon Islands PM Manasseh Sogavare has assured the him that Australia is still the nation's security partner of choice.nnWhat's your question? | ABC Radio National


This week on #QandA, we'll look at the geopolitical issues that are sending ripples around the world, and ask how they might impact Australia. nnIf you have a question about this or any of the topics making the news this week, submit it via the Q+A website:


Domestic political and economic circumstances mean it's unlikely President Xi Jinping sees now as the right time to launch a full-scale invasion on Taiwan, writes Bang Xiao. nnIf you have a question, submit it via the Q+A website. | ABC News


If you're in Melbourne and would like to join the live studio audience for tomorrow night's Q+A, register via the website now:


Former US president Donald Trump says a "large group of FBI agents" raided his Mar-a-Lago estate and broke into his safe, amid claims of documents taken from the White House. nnSubmit your question via the Q+A website. | ABC News


China’s economy is facing multiple challenges, including slowing growth, spiralling debt and a property market decline. What impact will China's economic situation have on Australia and the world? nnSubmit a question now. | ABC News


Former Defence Minister Stephen Smith will join retired Air Chief Marshal Sir Angus Houston in overseeing a strategic review of Australia's military for the first time in a decade. nnIf you have a question, submit it via the #QandA website. | ABC News


After Australia, the US and Japan demanded Beijing should “immediately cease” military exercises around the Taiwan Strait, the Chinese Embassy pushed back, saying the “finger-pointing” was “absolutely unacceptable”. nnWhat's your question? | ABC News


In the wake of Nancy Pelosi's controversial visit to Taiwan which saw China engage in military exercises around the Taiwan Strait, our government has tricky diplomatic waters to navigate. nnIf you're in Melbourne, register to be in the Q+A audience now: