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Quantum Space - Learning and Innovation Hub

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Technology is rapidly evolving and with this evolution, a significant skills gap has emerged. The demand for future technology skills is growing and traditional education models are not able to support this growth, which is where Quantum Space comes in.
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💥4 Weeks to go for the SEPTEMBER School Holiday Code Camps - Nadi 💥nnHURRY Enrol Now! Email us at [email protected]


💥SEPTEMBER School Holiday Code Camps - Nadi💥nnKids coding is growing rapidly in popularity as more and more parents and educators see that it is an important 21st-century skill best taught early.nnWhile it is difficult to imagine kids learning something so complex, our coding programs are designed to teach kids coding concepts that are applicable to real life problem solving, brainstorming and creativity in games, apps and websites.nn• ProgramsnnINTRO TO PYTHONnn- Learn Python coding language, the road to becoming a successful programmer.n- Master Python with quizzes and projects for real-life scenarios.nnAPP DEVELOPERSnn- Build coding skills with a complex mixture of drag & drop and JavaScript coding concepts.n- Design user interfaces and write event-driven programs using JavaScript coding language to make Apps.nn• Datesnn- Code Camp 1: Wednesday, 21 & Thursday, 22 Septembern- Code Camp 2: Wednesday, 28 & Thursday, 29 SeptembernnRegister your child ASAP as we have limited spaces!nnEmail: [email protected]"In some ways, programming is like a painting. You start with a blank canvas and certain basic raw materials. You use a combination of science, art, and craft to determine what to do with them." - Andrew Hunt


💥LAST Day to go for the After School Coding Classes!💥nHURRY Enrol Now! Email us at [email protected]


💥ANNOUNCEMENT💥 nnAfter School Coding Program - NadinnWe are back with our popular After School Coding Classes.nnThe 8-week after-school coding program starts next week Tuesday!nnWe are offering ROBLOX and MS POWERPOINT programs suitable for all kids.nnROBLOXnLearn about animation and code human body moves in the ROBLOX studio.nnMS POWERPOINTnLearn and practice slideshow presentations for class projects or group assignments to master presentation styles and public speaking with confidence.nnYour child can do one or all programs. All our learning material is different and brand-new in each program. nnWhen: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 26 Jul - 15 Sep (8 Weeks)nTime: 3.30pm to 4.30pm.nnRegister your child ASAP as we have limited spaces!nnEmail: [email protected]"Computer science is not just for smart 'nerds' in hoodies coding in basements. Coding is extremely creative and is an integral part of almost every industry." - Reshma Saujani


✨️ School Holiday Code Camp ✨️nnWe had a great time working with kids who had so much fun learning coding concepts in ROBLOX. Kids started off their programming in the Roblox journey by modelling simple objects and reach to a level where they can build and run their own games.nnWe created Code Camp to help kids explore their imagination and to spark ambitions. We are passionate about teaching kids to become creators of content, not just consumers! nnQuantum Space, Learning and Innovation Hub, is more determined than ever to make our coding platform bigger and better in 2022.nnStay tuned for more EXCITING, INNOVATIVE and NEW coding programs to come!nnEnjoy a few highlights of the Code Camp!


💥LAST Day to go for the 2-Day Intensive School Holiday Code Camp!💥nHURRY Enrol Now! Email us at [email protected]


💥1 more Day to go for the 2-Day Intensive School Holiday Code Camp!💥nHURRY Enrol Now! Email us at [email protected]


After two years of restrictions caused by COVID-19, the Quantum Space team were once again very excited to run the Face-to-Face Code Camp in our New IT Lab. We were blessed with an amazing group of kids, who blew us away with their passion, energy, and abilities. nnLearning to code helps improve a kid’s logical thinking and problem-solving skills by 70%, also enabling them to perform better at school. Kids need to learn to code and develop digital skills if they want to be successful in the technology-driven job market of the future.nnAt Quantum Space, we empower creativity with code, but we also know that each child’s way of expressing it is different and so we walk towards preparing each child for a future in technology in a way that suits them best.nnThe next 2-day Code Camp for this school holidays is next week Wednesday, 13 and Thursday, 14 July 2022.nnRegister your child ASAP as we have limited spaces!nnEmail: [email protected] a few highlights of the Code Camp!


💥4 Days to go for the 2-Day Intensive School Holiday Code Camp!💥nHURRY Enrol Now! Email us at [email protected]


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