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Queen Of Audio

(5 Rate)
Room 1802, Building N6, Tian’an Digital City, Yantian, Fenggang, Dongguan, Guangdong, China
(5 Rate)
Room 1802, Building N6, Tian’an Digital City, Yantian, Fenggang, Dongguan, Guangdong, China

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QoA Queen of Audio is an audio brand founded in 2019. As a unique personality of QoA, the name of the cocktail is adopted in the product group of the current lineup.The concept is to provide excellent sound quality & high quality and beautiful IEM.


Room 1802, Building N6, Tian’an Digital City, Yantian, Fenggang, Dongguan, Guangdong, China ,523700

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🎤🎤 Mic From Kinera


QoA Gimlet | 10mm LCP Diaphragm Dynamic DrivernnPrice: USD$ x9 nnComing Soon ....... 🥰🥰nnThere will be audition sessions at nnStore: RIGHT SHOP AUDIOnnLocation: 九龍旺角彌敦道 582號-592號信和中心地庫B23號舖 nnTime: 2pm-8pmnn#qoa #gimlet #single #dd


QoA Margarita 2 Sonion EST+1BA+1DD with Modular Cable nnReview by 大person nnSummary :nn1. QoA Margarita's softness (naturalness) is currently the best performance in the QoA brand, more than the former flagship MOJITO (new version and the first generation)nn2. A good sense of density, but not a very strong kind, it overall more focused on the low-frequency atmosphere and treble penetration process of fine sense. Its quality and style, closer to IE900, the end of the article will have further explanation and comparison.nn3. Low and midrange energy sense is strong, sometimes affect the clarity of the mouth.nn4. Delicate, soft, slightly warm, sense of scale, suitable for showing the magnificent atmosphere of instrumental works.nn------------------------------------------------nnAnd then compare it with Sennheiser IE900, FINAL B1nnSennheiser IE900 is a single DD (RMB 10000 +), FINAL B1 is 1DD 1BA (RMB 4000 +), QoA Margarita is 2 electrostatic + 1DD + 1BA (RMB 3000 +)nnRelaxation: QoA Margarita is the best in this, soft lines, not tight, will be easier for people to relax.nnSoundstage: QoA Margarita > Sennheiser IE900 > FINAL B1, all slightly inferior to Sony IER-Z1R.nnHigh frequency: QoA Margarita's electrostatic treble is clear, natural, beautiful, non-irritating, the so-called "sense of air" is better than IE900, but the high and mid-range image, IE900 is more pure, sharp, will be some "monitor" taste The IE900 is more pure and sharp in the upper and middle ranges, and will have a somewhat "monitor" flavor.nnQoA Margarita's sense of space has a very good "height", almost spherical, strong sense of envelopment, IE900 sound field on the elliptical, vertical space is relatively ordinary.nnLow frequency: IE900 dive deeper, cohesion is relatively better, more pure listening, QoA Margarita will not be so deep, but more volume than IE900.nnIn fact, both have a good bass atmosphere, but formed a different image characteristics, for example, IE900 will have a downward pressure effect to the "throat", even the whole image is very down, and switch back to QoA Margarita, the whole image will be back to the central area of the skull, which is quite interesting.nnI prefer the QoA Margarita purely in terms of image position, but the IE900 is still stronger than the "quality", the purity from the midrange to the bass region.nnIn addition, the density and cohesion of the FINAL B1 is stronger than the IE900 and QoA Margarita, but its bandwidth is not very strong (relatively), and the sense of scale of the sound is not greater than the other two. The good thing is that the dynamic is strong, the sound edge clear, especially the quality of the high and mid-range strong, good listening experience.nnThe problem with QoA Margarita is that the volume of low volume is too much (I don't know if it will improve after a long burn), which sometimes affects the infectiousness of the vocals. In addition, it is not particularly good cohesion in the lower plate, sometimes not enough "dry", lack of sufficient sense of cool.nnApart from these two details that I personally don't appreciate, the QoA Margarita's sound aesthetics and HIFI quality are still very impressive when combined. In particular, the treble is excellent, to show the pure strength of the very high-frequency airy, is different from the brightness of the overdraft brought about by the "false analysis". In addition, its full-range timbre warm, and rich in detail, the junction is full, not empty, these make it a long time listening not tired, very pleasant. ( Translated )nnFull Review: #margarita #est #iem


😍😍nnPhoto by Decakenn#qoa #margarita #est


"Soundstage is I think the Margarita on the most amazing part of me, its soundstage is wide, strong sense of spreading edge, and the vertical head space is very adequate, especially for listening to Live, alone to consider the deep is actually a good amount of scale, but because the breadth of the horizontal and vertical models are too good but set off the depth is not so noticeable. At the same time, the wide sound field and rich conjunctions, prominent vocals, has been the "trade-off problem" in tuning, Margarita is one of the few in the RMB 3K grade to achieve a full and thick sound and an excellent sense of space at the same time the model.n nThe Margarita is not only one of the best QOA models, but also one of the most successful. I think the QOA family is a very good work, but also the two sister brands of their models I think can be used as a RMB 3K tuning masterpiece, whether it is an audiophile, or a novice HIFI users, it is like an excellent palatability of the public cocktail, a cocktail close to the drink, can basically be in the "everyone feel used to drink, and think relatively good to drink" within the threshold." ( Translated )nnReview & Photo by @李凌佳琦 木耳听个响 ( Weibo )nnLink: #margarita


QoA Margarita 2 Sonion EST+1BA+1DD with Modular Cable nnLink: by 戈聲 GPA 🥰🥰nn#qoa #margarita




e-earphone Sendai store nnCongratulations to イヤホン・ヘッドホン専門店eイヤホン on the opening of their new branch in Sendai, Japan 😍😍nnWelcome to come and audition 😘😘nhttps://www.e-earphone.jpnn#kinera #japan


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