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Rabaul Rugby Football League

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Queen Elizabeth Park Rabaul
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Queen Elizabeth Park Rabaul

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Revive to Inspire


Queen Elizabeth Park Rabaul
-4.9158328013132, 145.20629882813

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BSP officials @ Queens Park..helping the locals to open their personal accounts.


❤🙏Weekend Draw🙏❤nRRL and NSRL


We now have our school girls🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏉🏉 in action..n👏👏


Rabaul School Rugby League officially kicked off earlier today here at Queens Park


League meeting in progress at Queens Park


Members enjoying the game between Agmark Gurias and the Vipers here in the Ashes clubhouse 🌋 nGurias up


On behalf of the RABAUL RUGBY LEAGUE fb update Team...we like to thank Teviona Kevin Junior and Levi Ainui for the valuable updates on the ENBP PROVINCIAL SEAT....! nTEAM MMn"Leadership is Action, Not Position"


The Rugby League family congratulates the Coach and now ENBP newly elected Governor Hon. Michael Marum after his Kokopo Secondary School. nWe salute you Chief.....


Congratulations to Michael Marum from Rabaul League Executives....!


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