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Radikal Forze Crew

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About :

Radikal Forze is the Pioneering B-boy crew in Singapore and was founded in 1998, with 6 generations, 26 members in 4 different countries.


Current Active Members: Felix Huang (Think Twice) Farhan Nor (TRue CoLouR$) Yumida (Baddboy) Faiz (Sonshine) Tosh (Toshroc) Dominic (Bones) Nic Lee (Kid Nic) Oneski (Jellyman) Ash (Ash Radikal) Mouse Nauty 1 Bogus =====History===== First conceived in 1998, during the nascent years of the 2nd wave of B-Boyin’ to hit Singapore, the name Radikal Forze has since become synonymous with the local hip-hop scene. Veteran turntable master and Singapore’s 3-time DMC champ - Andrew Chow aka DJ Wiz, initiated the idea of forming a crew when a group of b-boys started strutting their stuff in......




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It’s been a long deserved break for us after doing the event 12 years straight since 2008-2019. The pandemic broke us all, but now it’s time to bring all of us back together to do what we love, and be inspired again! n#rfjam & #summerjamdancecamp is back! nAnd we gonna bring it back to the essence of being your favorite hip-hop & dance holiday of the year! nHelp us to repost this on your IG stories, and share with us your favorite moments, and tag us at @radikalforzejam , and we’ll repost our favorite moments!nnSoooo excited to see everyone again! TO HANCAI TIMES AHEAD!nn#rfjam #radikalforzejam #summerjamdancecamp #jamrepublic #recognizestudios


The past few years have been tough for everyone… and even though things ain’t perfect in the world yet, we’ve had a good break after our 13 year run doin the event annually… we’ve had time to rest and re-calibrate… and we are back!nnMARCH 2023. Mark your calendars and start savin your cash!nnExact dates and location to be annouced soonish.nn#radikalforzejam #summerjamdancecamp


Felix Huang Radikal Forze has been silently building a new RepubliK.nThank you LiFTED Asia & Rory Spencer for the feature, and shedding some light on what I have in store for the wider Hip-Hop community and creators of the world. All you need it a lil faith, and join me on this journey. See you guys on the other If you would, follow our social channels on Instagram and Telegram to get the latest scoops on what we are up to... It's gonna be a helluva ride.nnWE ARE REPUBLIK.nn#WeAreRepubliK #RADRepubliK #RepublikOfficial #RecognizeStudios #RadikalForze #Hancai


Ash Radikal doin his thang!n#radikalforze


Happening tomorrow! Check it!


With host @felixhuangrf & DJ Slowz from Vietnam! Along with the guest bboys @brookiefunk @dekdithugster @_flurryy @bboymountain @lamaroc9 @bboycheno nnStreamed by @rpprodsn#cybercypher #scape_rfjam


Cyber Cypher Vol.4 happenin in about an hour on @scape_rfjam instagram live. Featurin Felix Huang Radikal Forze with DJ Nguyễn Chính Dũng ( aka DJ/Bboy Slowz). Along with the bboys:n- Brookiefunk (Bahrain), n- Dekdi (Indonesia), n- Sufian Flurry (Singapore), n- Tô Bắc Sơn Mountiain(Vietnam), n- Anthony Lawang Lamaroc(Australia), n- Chinavut CheNo Chantarat Cheno(Thailand)!


Hosted by @felixhuangrf | DJ @djhiroking on decknnft. @prsklsiach_hsk , @gonzalaongyot , @tc_kennyg_cbc , @shane_tayyy , @rafael.imperial , @itkjs ! Bringin together Singapore, thailand, philippines, taiwan & japan!n.nStreamed by @rpprodsn.n#cybercypher #scape_rfjam #bboy #hiphop #cypher #dancecypher #bboycypher #onlinecypher