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Rams Friends & Family

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Just a group of Rams fans that enjoy watching the Rams play drama free!

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From today’s rally!nLA Rams Super Bowl Champions!n🤘🏽💛💙🏈


The Super Bowl Champion Los Angeles Rams Parade/Rally will be taking place Wednesday, 2/16. The team will load buses (8) at the Shrine Auditorium and take a two-mile or so trek down Figueroa to the Coliseum, where a fan rally will occur. The buses will leave the Shrine around 11:00am and arrive at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum around 12:00pm... see you there, Ramily!!!


We ain’t done yet!


We had the best time at the Playoff game at SoFi! n🤘🏽💙💛🏈


Here’s one for the students! 🤘🏽💛💙🏈


Just in case anyone needs this for work tomorrow! 🤘🏽💙💛🏈


Monday Night Football!


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