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Real Coast & Surf

(249 Rate)
(249 Rate)

About :

REÁL COAST & SURF Brgy. Malapad, Real, Quezon Philippines #RealCoastandSurf Instagram: @RealCoastandSurf


Real Coast & Surf is the premier resort destination 3 hours East of Manila where customers can find comfort, adventure, and leisure through its surf shack and hotel accommodation. Located at the far eastern end of the Greater Manila Area, Reál is the nearest surfing destination from the metro in terms of land travel--with friendly 2-4 feet waves not far from shore for beginners or surfers from all levels. A wide variety of other activities also await the weekend-traveler in......


Opening Hours :

Monday: 07:00AM - 21:00PM
Tuesday: 07:00AM - 21:00PM
Wednesday: 07:00AM - 21:00PM
Thursday: 07:00AM - 21:00PM
Friday: 07:00AM - 21:00PM
Saturday: 07:00AM - 21:00PM
Sunday: 07:00AM - 21:00PM

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Parking available ,Street parking ,Valet parking
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Please be advised of our Surf Camp operating hours for May 15 (Sunday). nnThank you and sea you soon!


Please be advised of our operating hours for May 8-9 (Sunday to Monday). nnThank you and sea you soon!


Due to popular demand, tent pitching is now available starting April 14! ⛺️nnThe following terms and conditions will apply:n1. The tent pitching fee does not include the tent. It is bring your own tent basis. (Tent rentals are not available)n2. Tent Pitching is allowed and free of charge for those staying in the cabanas and not exceeding max capacity/cabana. (Extra person fees will still apply for extra persons not included in the cabana rate)n3. Due to limited capacity and operations, tent pitching is subject to availability. Slots for tent pitching will also be limited if available. n4. Advance booking is available for tent pitching , no downpayment required. (Walk-in is allowed, depending on availability)nnFor more details and rates, please send us message on Facebook or send us an email at [email protected]#RealCoastandSurf #RealSurf #RealQuezon #SurfPH


It’s almost lunch time and we’re already thinking about food! 🧇 The Chix & Waffles, Fish & Chips, Chilli Fries, and more are available at the Food Shack.nnCabanas slots are still open for this weekend, send us a message on our Facebook page or email and we’ll be happy to assist you! ☺️nn*Please be advised that the Food Shack only serves in-house guests at the moment.nn#RealCoastandSurf #RealSurfCamp #RealQuezon #TravelPH #Travel


We won't get tired of waiting for you here... But the good news is, the wait is finally over! Guests coming from NCR Plus areas are allowed starting Friday, October 29. 💙nnHere are the current travel guidelines from the Real Municipal Tourism Office (As of October 25):n1. No age restrictions. nAges 13-65 are required to present a vaccination card or negative antigen/RT-PCR test. n The following are only allowed if fully vaccinated:n a. 66 years old and aboven b. pregnant womenn c. those with immunodeficiencies, comorbidities, and other health risksn *Note: Ages 12 and below are not required to present an antigen test n2. Guests coming from MGCQ and GCQ alert levels 1-4 will be allowed starting Friday, October 29.n3. Must place a booking at least 3 days before check-in date. (Strictly no walk-ins allowed)n4. A tourist confirmation receipt will be provided upon bookings. To be presented at the checkpoint.nThe hotel is still temporarily closed but the Surf Camp is open! nHow to place a booking?nJust send us a message with the following information:n- Date of check-in and check-outn- Total number of guestsn- Preferred cabana/snAnd we will assist you from there! nnYou can reach us via Facebook messenger and our email at [email protected] can’t wait to sea you again soon!


How is it only Tuesday? 😅 This is your reminder to take some time to slow down and take a deep breath! ☺️ You got this!nnSharing with you one of the sunsets we captured a few months ago. We don't know what's happening with the sky but we absolutely loved it! 💙nn#RealCoastandSurf #RealQuezon #TravelPH #Travel


Let's all do our part and travel responsibly! 💪🏽There's no need for an Antigen test or RT-PCR test when visiting Reál, Quezon if you are fully vaccinated. Keep yourself and others safe by getting your 2 jabs when you have the chance! 🩹nnTRAVEL RESTRICTIONSnReál, Quezon Travel Guidelinesn1. Guests coming from NCR + and GCQ & MGCQ areas are welcome!n2. Ages 65 and below are allowed.n3. Must place a booking at least 2-3 days before check-in date. (You may book at least 1 day before until 3pm if all guests are fully vaccinated) nnThe following will be presented at the checkpoint:n1. Negative Antigen test taken within 72hrs from your check-in date OR vaccination card (if fully vaccinated with 2 doses) n2. Must present a tourist confirmation receipt per group. (Provided by the resort upon presentation of negative results or vaccination card.)n*Ages 14 and below are not required to present an antigen testnn#RealCoastandSurf #RealSurfCamp #RealQuezon #TravelPH #Travel nnBackground photo from:


RIGHT NOW, HAPPINESS TO US IS FINALLY GETTING TO SEE OLD AND NEW FACES AGAIN AT THE SURF CAMP! ☺️🥺nnWe are so excited to announce that the Surf Camp will be OPEN starting Friday, June 11! Guests coming from NCR+ and GCQ & MGCQ areas are welcome! 🤙🏽nnPlease see below for the updated Reál, Quezon travel guidelines:nn- Ages 65 and below are allowedn- Bookings must be placed at least 3 days before the check-in date. (Strictly no walk-ins)nnThe following must be presented at the Tourism checkpoint: n- A negative Antigen test taken within 72hrs before your check-in date or vaccination card (if fully vaccinated; 2 weeks post 2nd dose for a 2 dose vaccine or 2 weeks post 1st dose for a 1 dose vaccine) n- A tourist confirmation receipt per group provided by the resortn- Your booking confirmationn- Valid IDsn*Ages 14 and below are not required to present an antigen testnnUPDATED BOOKING PROCESSnnAll establishments are allowed to operate at 30% capacity. Due to this, all bookings will be done through our Facebook messenger or email in the meantime to regulate the total number of guests per day. nnHow to place a booking?nnJust send us a message with the following information:nn- Date of check-in and check-outn- Cabana/s and total guests per cabanannAnd we will assist you from there! nnYou can reach us via Facebook messenger and our email at [email protected] can’t wait to sea you!