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Hmmm how long can this trend be hold as public housing had to remain affordable in Singapore .


Given the high demand for GCB , this is definitely going to be next GCB to be sold !


What will be the upcoming measure the Singapore Government Devise fo reduce this??nnThis is a very interesting survey.nDo take some time to do this if are vested in the future of HDB housing policies. :))nn about 15minutes.


Other than labor crunch due to Covid-19 Restriction - the breakdown down of the Global Supply Chain has also put the precast factories for PPVC unit Production to a complete halt.nnThe implications? n⭕️Already Increased in construction cost by 20-30% more !n⭕️Potential 6-12 months delay or more as developer have preferred to delay the tender due to concerns overfunding, cost escalation , labor shortage and prolong risks!nn-> expect longer waits and more supply crunch to come.


With Singapore Government's tight COVID_19 Measures keeping the situation under control, the Super Rich are choosing Singapore as the world's safest haven.nnCoupled with the Singapore Government's Pro investors programs such as Variable Capital Company making it more attractive for family offices, hedge funds and private equity to set up in Singapore.nnSource : Bloomberg, BT Times and Straits Time


Private home prices in Singapore are likely to recover and surpass their past levels after Covid-19 has passed. nnCiting historical data, Alice Tan, senior director, research & consulting at Edmund Tie & Co, says private residential prices have typically rebounded higher from their previous peaks.


Its a Sharp V-Shape Recovery for China House Price! nnChina’s house-price growth accelerated in April as the central bank’s credit easing gave the property market a much-needed lift out of the coronavirus shutdown.nnDefinitely would have spill overs from China!


It's expected to be a washout period during the Circuit Breaker.nnThe Circuit Breaker in a way serve as a "time off" for buyers and sellers to do in depth analysis onn* Macro economic Situation - will it be a W, V or U shape recovery?n* Developers reactions amidst weak economic outlook and amply supply?n* Act now or later?nn It will be interesting to see how the market reacts when the Circuit Breakers is being lifted? Will there a surge in transactions due to the pent up demand. Let's See!


Power of PENT UP Demand!