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Real Food | Real Talk | Real Beauty | Real Life: mom to 3 boys + foster resource family. Emotional & physical non-toxic living to love the skin you’re in 💖


Well hello! We're a family with FOUR teen & tween boys using lifestyle to manage autoimmune disease, ADD/ADHD, and eczema among the other legit chaos of life. Science nerds at heart, we don't have patience for anything fake, but we do have a hunger for non-toxic healthy living, inside & out, and a boundless thirst for knowledge on everything from body love to comic books. You'll find it all here, because we're nothing if not real: real talk, food, beauty......


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What are your favorite plastic-free household safer swaps? I pulled together a few we love for #plasticfreejuly here: #nontoxicbeauty #nontoxicliving #greencleaning @pact_collective n@plasticfreejuly


This simple homemade pumpkin pie is a really big deal. Food is medicine, but now how I used to think… nn1️⃣ Kiddo was bored. Instead of leaning on maladaptive coping skills, they asked to bake. n2️⃣ They were empowered to search the kitchen themselves, and find what they wanted.n3️⃣ They found a can of pumpkin, read ingredients, and validated their choice.n4️⃣ They asked questions when they needed help.n5️⃣ They did math converting fractions to what measuring cup we had available.n6️⃣ They were flexible in discovering some spices we didn’t have.n7️⃣ They safely used the oven.n8️⃣ They exhibited patience in their willingness to let it cool in the fridge before eating.nn✨ They made this ALL 👏 BY 👏 THEMSELVES! 💖 I am so proud of them! When they first arrived here the kitchen was a place of fear and self doubt. With time and patience, it has become a place they go to for peace and as a positive coping skill.nnBuilding skills in the kitchen translates to confidence in life, and visa versa. Beyond having your kids make you delicious things, I cannot emphasize enough how powerful cooking WITH your kids can be! 🥰nn#fostercare #fostercareadoption #adoptionjourney #nonbinary #momoffour #cookingbuildsconfidence n#kidscancook #kidscancookrealfood #pumpkinpie #glutenfree


Clean Cleaning Products, a year in the making: http://realeverything.comnnIf you appreciate this content and work, please consider “paying it forward” to ACLU to fight back for all our rights. I’ll be doing a fundraiser through as well, just choose Stacy Toth then “ACLU” at the pop-up.nn#fundraiser #payitforward #cleancleaning #nontoxicliving #nontoxichome #cleancleaningproducts #greenwashing #natural #fragranceloophole #healthyinsideandout


This month has been HUGE! Celebrated the $10 MILLION 🤯 mark in my business (so many safer products out there, thanks to an incredible team) and advocated health protective laws for all in DC. Now helping Friends and Family save switching to safer. I am so grateful I get to help people be healthier (inside and out) for a living! nnIf you haven’t tried Beautycounter yet, or need a refill - let me hook you up! Our annual event is happening now and it’s the best it’s ever been. nnPut me to work, let me place your order or figure out what’s best for ya! And when you choose me, Stacy Toth at checkout, I’m donating half to the charity of your choice this month, too 💗nn#betterbeauty #switchtosafer #plusbeauty #curvybeauty #nontoxicbeauty #nontoxicliving #greenbeauty #cleanbeauty #saferbeauty #healthyinsideandout


I’m sorry for what I said as a self righteous know-it-all. What did I miss? Cause I know I’m not the only one and am sure I’ve forgotten LOTS. And actually, let me add:nn🔟: thinking being right all the time was a good thing, because now I realize if you aren’t ever looking back and realizing you were wrong about something - it means you aren’t learning and growing. nnHonestly, I have too many to list in the 10 slide limit. From attachment parenting self righteousness to compassion for others. Hear me when I say: I’M SO SINCERELY SORRY. I am listening, learning, and growing. And my life has never been richer from it.nn#listening #imsorry #apology #sorryfor #socialjustice #dietculture #antidiet #bodypositivity #healthjourney #disorderedeating #orthorexiarecovery #systemicracism


I love blurry photo Matt took. Kiddo and I snuggling with the pups in a messy jungle. Life isn’t perfect, but these kind of moments are. 💖 #momlife #momsofinstagram #fostercareawareness #fostermom


I asked the kids at lunch, “what’s one thing I do as a mother you appreciate?” They said: n• you make us feel safen• you do a good job at taking care of us, we always get to school and have what we needn• I appreciate your patience when I’m not having a good dayn• you help us when we need it, like feeding the dogs when I’m out of timen• appreciate your work ethic, it helps me want to do betternnWhat more could I want for my children to feel from my love?! 😭🥰I’ll be crying for years from their responses! Highly recommend you ask your loved ones, too.nnThen we went to @arworkshopalexandria because I love me a craft someone else preps and cleans up! We missed Matt (working) but while the day is filled with a mix of emotions (especially for kiddo), we had a wonderful day creating memories. Grateful they were open for us to do something inside, cause it’s been doom and gloom here this week. I love that I’ll see all these pieces around our home and remember our day. 💖nn#mothersday #mom #momofboys #momof4 #fosterfamily #fostercareawarenessmonth #appreciation #gratitude


I am at therapeutic assessment for our foster kiddo, again.nnBecause no matter how much love and safety I give, I cannot change their past. The trauma of even being a foster child, let alone what brought them to our home causes extreme PTSD.nnInspired by and some wording from the amazing Jacalyn WetzelnnI have seen and heard things no one would ever want their child to experience. Not because families want that for their children, but because they are unable to care properly for them, no matter how hard they try. And sadly some simply don’t try, incapable. Incapable of giving their child anything but irreparable trauma, incapable of recognizing the harm they were causing. Many whom don’t want to be a parent, but cannot bare the thought of anyone else having them. I cannot imagine the horrors of being a CPS worker, having to witness the unimaginable and having everyone hate you and be frustrated with the process of an overrun and broken system.nnMy fear for the future of this system is palpable. If Roe is overturned this already broken system will collapse in on itself. nPoor sex education. Inaccessible contraception. Inadequate health care. Underpaid jobs creating more of a class divide than ever.nSocial programs that are broken, mocked and demonized. Private health decisions (like miscarriage or eptopic pregnancy) subject to criminal investigation and public scrutiny. Babies in trash cans. People dying of sepsis or blood loss from DIY abortions. Doctors afraid to save their patients’ lives due to the fear of a murder conviction. Foster care systems filling up. Trauma and more trauma.nnThis is the reality if we don’t look at this overall. How can we even discuss abortion being removed as an option for some until we address these issues? Are we not concerned first for the children and families in front of us, and how we fail them over and over?nnI ask: nWho will care for these children when foster care and adoption are already over saturated? nWho will heal the inevitable trauma for the child and parents? nWho will save us when pro-life ends after birth?nn#fostercare #fostercareawarenessmonth #fosterfamily #abortion #trauma #ptsd


One think SUCKED on this trip:nnEVERY legislative office we talked to said they had NOT heard from ANY constituents about the NINE pending health protective laws 🤯🤬nnSo, 1️⃣ can you do a 1 min text action for your legislator asking for their support?nnAnd, 2️⃣ if you can vote with your wallet, it helps us advocate on EVERYONE’s behalf - because ALL people deserve to trust that the produces they’re buying aren’t harming health, regardless of access to “clean.” I’d love to help you switch to safer!nn🏛 Thanks to the support of many of you, I just returned from Capitol Hill advocating for more health protective laws for ALL. I met (and 💃 danced with!!) the Senator who created the Safer Beauty Bill Package, we held over 6️⃣0️⃣ meetings with legislative representatives, and attended a 🧬 Science Symposium with incredible information on WHY this matters, such as:n 💄 using personal care products is measurable in blood and urine, with toxin decrease after just 3 days of switching to cleann 🧠 synthetic chemicals in most products have been shown in studies to affect the brains of children, n 🤰research on pregnancy and miscarriage is hard (we don't ever want create risk) but a study was done that showed high levels of BPA with early pregnancy tests led to higher levels of miscarriagen 🫀 and, the one that got me: these endocrine disrupting chemicals (which were never made with our bodies in mind) effect our fertility - but it's not just low sperm count in men affected, for example, low testosterone increases cardiovascular diseases - a recent study linked 100,000 deaths to phthalates!nn👂Since the only way to ensure we get safer products into the hands of everyone is to mandate change, I NEED YOUR HELP.n n📱If you'd like to support more health-protective legislation, text BETTERBEAUTY to 52886 (18888867542 in CAN). Even if you've done so before, doing so NOW (after we just visited so many offices) will have a HUGE impact. Plus, the letter is frequently updated. Together, we can be the change for generations to come.nn#betterbeauty #switchtosafer #bctakesdc2022 #plussizebeauty #nontoxicliving #nontoxicbeauty #cleanbeauty