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Online Health & Fitness Coach | Personal Training | Weight & Nutrition Management | Pre & Post Natal | GP Referral | Lower Back Pain | 5 Day Kickstart Challenge only £7


Why not try my 5 Day Kickstart Challenge to see how I can help you to move more, make better food choices and create new healthier habits all from the comfort of your own home? Visit the website for further info....

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Taking on September sign up's NOW for my 12 Week Weight Management Plan.nnThere are still a few places available.nnThis is the ultimate WRAPAROUND coaching to not just get you results in those 12 weeks but teach you everything you need to know about creating new habits that work for YOU!nnThis is what you can expect in 12 weeks:nn✔Drop up to 2 stone in weightn✔Learn all about nutrition but in a way that is personal to you...n✔Becoming more physically active (but not in an overwhelming way)n✔Having More Energyn✔Sleeping Bettern✔Being held fully accountable and supported EVERY step of the way so that you can't fall off trackn✔Getting to the end of the 12 weeks and knowing that you have now created enough new habits and routine behaviours that you NEVER have to look back!nnGet in touch to book your free consultation.nnAdele


Want to know how to improve your physical health?...nn Keep reading. nnMy 5 Day challenge is suitable for ANYONE that has reached a point in their life where they know they need to improve their physical health but just don't know where to start. nnPerhaps you are full-time working Mum that already doesn't have enough hours in the day to think about being more healthy? nnMaybe you are someone with a demanding job and already feel bad that you don't see your family enough let alone taking some time out to exercise? nnWhatever your situation, this challenge is going to take you step by step towards finding a way to create those better habits.nnThe challenge is not designed to overwhelm you...I will give you small daily tasks that will take up no more than 20 minutes of your time but there are workout options for beginner, intermediate and advanced levelsnnReady to dive deeper? nnGrab my 5 Day Challenge to kickstart your health & fitness! nn


Short of time?⁠n⁠nTry this one⁠..n⁠n⁠n#workout #fitness #exercise #freeworkout #sweat #strong #fit #bodyweight #homeworkout #health


I help women to reclaim their energy & their wardrobe!nnThink - nn✔Weight Lossn✔More Energyn✔Better Sleepn✔More Confidencen✔Happiern✔Lots & Lots of Education & SupportnnThese women have...and you can too!nnJust get in touch...nnAdele x


The one thing you need to solve losing weight without losing your mind!nnAre you ready to lose weight the healthy way?nnThis free E-book 'Losing Weight the Healthy Way' includes a wealth of essential information that is guaranteed to help and inspire every reader that may be facing an ongoing battle with weight or is confused about nutritionnnDrop me a message or comment today if you want a copy.


Typical day for a full-time working Mum of 3:nnUp at 5:30am - 3 kids to sort, feed, get ready & get to school for 9am. Straight to work from here for the day, then to pick the kids up from afterschool club/childminders at 5pm. Juggle trying to get to 2 after-school clubs on time whilst trying to keep 3rd child happy. Finally make it home about 7:30pm with 3 tired to make them supper, make sure everything is ready for school tomorrow, get them all showered, sorted and down into bed. Oh look it's 9pm and poor Mum hasn't even had any dinner yet! nnBalanced lifestyle?? WTF is that!nnBut this Mum knows that her weight is creeping up and up, she goes through phases of allowing it to be a priority to her. There's a part of her that knows that she wants to be healthy, she can feel her clothes getting tighter and it's getting to the point where she actually hates having her photo taken...hoping that she can hide behind someone but wondering what is happening to her self esteem and feeling upset about this.nnOn the other hand, she tells herself that thinking about how she looks, shouldn't even be a priority. Doing the best for her children with a highly respected career is the ultimate priority...why should she put any more pressure on herself?!nnIt's a vicious cycle of emotions. Then it's usually some sort of event that comes up that prompts her to research 'best ways to lose weight' and follow some fad diet for a few weeks, only to put it all back on after the event...and more!nnNow your probably expecting me to tell you the ways how she could fit more exercise into her life and blah blah blah BUT (and you may not believe this)...if this lady and I started working together, the last thing I would be giving her is an exercise plan! Hasn't she got enough to contend with? Why on earth am I going to set her up for failure?nnInstead, I'm going to get a true understanding of the battles she faces on a daily basis and what her lifestyle habits look like as a result of this. nnFrom this we are going to pinpoint which behaviours/habits we need to focus on and look at different ways that we can start changing these...step by step. It's not going to be's going to be manageable. nnMy goal is that when we have finished working together, she isn't going to 'go back to normal' because this way will be her new normal!nnThe added bonus is that she may have shed around 2 stone of fat in the time that we have worked together but not once has she felt stupidly hungry or overly restricted. She wants to lose a little more but now she knows everything and has changed so many habits to be able to continue her journey.nnHer definition of 'diet' has changed. Her mindset has changed!nnIf you want to know more about my 3 phase system, drop me a comment below.nnAdele


The Real PT 12 Week Weight Management Plan is my most up to date and comprehensive weight management plan yet. Carefully tailored to each client and their needs, I create a plan that pro-actively changes your habits step by step leading to results that you know how to sustain for the long term!nnAugust sign up's are now full but I have 5 spaces available for September sign up's. Places are limited due to the extent of weekly coaching that takes place to support each and every client through their journey.nnIf you would like to book in for a quick chat with no obligation or charge, then drop me a comment saying READY. nnI would love to find out more about you.nnAdelennOnline Fat Loss Specialist - Real PT


Video Testimonial from my client Norah who has just completed my 12 week bespoke weight management plan.nn5 spaces available for September sign up's - if you would like to book in a free consultation, just drop me a message.nnAdele


My lovely client Norah has just completed my 12 Week Bespoke Weight Management Plan.nnWhen Norah came to me 12 weeks ago she was feeling unhappy with her weight; lacking energy as a result of sleepless nights due to a bladder condition; unfit and just generally feeling sluggish.nnI started by taking Norah back to very basics with her nutrition. Assessing her food diary but getting her to do this pro-actively so that she was making her own choices rather than being dictated to. Step by step we worked on testing different sources of nutrients at meal times to establish what foods worked best for her as an individual.nWe built movement up gradually starting with just thinking about ways that she could increase activity so that it wasn't overwhelming, to then building on her core stability and functional activity to make the activities of daily living easier and manageable.nnAs a result of this, Norah has lost just over a stone; 7cm from the hips and 10cm from the waist.nShe has more energy, reporting that she can now engage with her 3 year old granddaughter so much better. Norah has also significantly reduced the impact of her bladder condition without any medical intervention by following the exercises prescribed to her. How amazing is this 🙌 nnSleep has improved, energy has improved and weight has been lost 😊nnAnd have I mentioned that during this 12 weeks, Norah has also had 3 holidays/breaks away. Which just goes to show that this isn't about following a strict plan but more about changing daily habits to lead to a lifestyle change that you know how to sustain.nnIf you would like to know more about my 12 week bespoke weight management plan and get results just like Norah has, then feel free to drop me a comment or message. I'd love to help you!nnAdele x


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