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My mission is to help the regular good people of our world to recognize where the danger could be and respond to it appropriately. My main work is analyzing real videos of armed robberies, carjackings, muggings, knife attacks, home invasions, sexual assaults, defensive encounters of all kinds, and I do after-action reports. All the content is for educational purposes only! Real Violence For Knowledge - Michael von Pickartz -...


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The German police have a special anti-knife suit, and it turns out to be a chain mail.nn"Always thought this is what was needed. Too many mentally unstable people are shot by police because they had a knife. I know it's not for all occasions, but in a situation where there's time, why not do this?"nn What do you think?nnPolice unitnHostage-taking, kidnappings, extortion, these are the operations in which the public notices when the Special Operations Command (SEK) of the police intervenes. However, it is by no means always the very large, media-effective cases to which the SEC is called. "An attack with a knife, for example," says Thomas Renner, "is usually underestimated by the public."nnAnd that's why the policeman from the Special Forces of Northern Bavaria now explains how the SEK proceeds against a perpetrator armed with a knife: Four forces advance, armored with chain mail, thick vests and protective helmets. One blocks the attacker with a shield, a second occupies him with a long staff, the third has a specially trained service dog with him. "And one of them secures," says Renner. Especially the equipment with the chain mail is helpful: "This allows you to reach into the blade without being injured."nnHistory of the use of mail:nThe history of chainmail is more than 2,000 years old. Its inventors are considered to be the Celtic tribes who lived in Europe and reached the Middle East. The Celtic chainmail looked like a sleeveless jacket with a wide cape-collar.nnA piece of Celtic chainmail was found near Ciumesti (Romania). The rings of the fragments found were of three types – riveted, solid, and butted. Actually, these are all variants of rings for ringed armor, wherever they are made.nnFrom the Celts, chainmail came to the Romans. The cut of the Roman chainmail – lorica hamata repeated the traditional antique armor with sleeveless shoulder straps.nnEffectivenessnMail armour provided an effective defense against slashing blows by edged weapons and some forms of penetration by many thrusting and piercing weapons; in fact, a study conducted at the Royal Armouries at Leeds concluded that "it is almost impossible to penetrate using any conventional medieval weapon". Generally speaking, mail's resistance to weapons is determined by four factors: linkage type (riveted, butted, or welded), material used (iron versus bronze or steel), weave density (a tighter weave needs a thinner weapon to surpass), and ring thickness (generally ranging from 18 to 14 gauge (1.02–1.63 mm diameter) wire in most examples). Mail, if a warrior could afford it, provided a significant advantage when combined with competent fighting techniques.


CATEGORY: Robbery | Analyzed Content | Explicit content 2 (scale 1-5) - Rated NC-17nnRemember this video? AGAIN a real-life gun disarming!nKeyboard troll: a gun disarming would never work in reality. nReality: hold my beernnObviously, it's better to just cooperate, but he got it done.nnI already shared this video one time and gave it a little retouch because this CCTV footage is just gold.nn*The opening phase of a weapon disarmnThe opening phase of a gun disarming is the most crucial phase. It's before the firing line is redirected. It is also the phase that is often neglected in self-defense. You know -> looking the opponent straight in the eye + bad positioning (hands, angle, distance) = asking to be shot. It's all about opportunities that you have to see/use or create.nnLook, it doesn't matter how good your disarming technique will be... if your opening phase = is wrong, all steps (OLCADE) after will be a disaster. I've made several videos on how to use the opening stage tactically (I will do a repost soon).nnSome points:n-> Using the "check-distraction".n-> The influences of the counter.n-> No pull-back response because the gun was already gone. n-> The signals you need to learn to read (visualized in the video).n-> One move - one hand disarming in action.n-> How the clerk stayed cool and collective.nnEnough information in the video.nnReality = our master!n========================nBACKGROUND INFORMATION:n?nn===================n**DISCLAIMER**nOur content = for educational purposes only. We do NOT GLORIFY VIOLENCE in any way! Please read our story on Social media / Website / Patreon. When you have more background information, or you notice mistakes in our description/video, please give us your feedback.n nViewer discretion advised! nn© 2022 Real Violence for Knowledge.n n


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The First stage of the OODA loopnnObservenStep one is to observe the situation with the aim of building the most accurate and comprehensive picture of it possible.nFor example, a soldier/fighter pilot might consider the following factors in a broad, fluid way:n • What is immediately affecting me?n • What is affecting my opponent?n • What could affect either of us later on?n • Can I make any predictions?n • How accurate were my prior predictions?nnInformation alone is insufficient. The observation stage requires converting information into an overall picture with overarching meaning that places it in context. A particularly vital skill is the capacity to identify which information is just noise and irrelevant for the current decision.nIf you want to make good decisions, you need to master the art of observing your environment. nn* Keep this in mind when you watch the new video I upload tomorrow and see how a robber with a knife gets an expensive lesson in Double Trouble "Gun Fu".


So, my message = don't get killed!


CATEGORY: Robbery | Clean Content | Explicit content 3 (scale 1-5) - Rated NC-17nnTwo robbers and one slips over the counter. The owner used a knife to mark his boundaries.nI just visualized this video quickly because I didn't have time to do a full analysis ... but an important (neutral) question for you -> Is he defending his life or his business, and can he be charged for this? Give your thoughts in the comment section. nnCredits original video -> Tulare's Finest Smoke Shopnn=========================nBACKGROUND INFORMATIONnLas Vegas vape store owner defends himself by using a knife to stab would-be robbernBy nMarjorie HernandeznAugust 5, 2022 6:43pm n UpdatednnA Las Vegas vape store owner repeatedly stabbed a crook who frightened him by jumping over his counter during a botched robbery, according to video and the worker’s account of the incident.nnVideo footage showed the brazen broad-daylight heist on Wednesday, in which Johnny Nguyen, owner of Smokestrom Smoke Shop, stabbed the unidentified assailant at least seven times before the robber yelled, “I’m dead” and fell to the ground. nnLas Vegas Metropolitan Police Department officials told The Post that cops responded Wednesday afternoon to a robbery incident at the vape business but would not release further details.nn“I was scared for my life,” Nguyen told The Post on Friday. “When they came in, one of them had a bag in front of him like he had a firearm or something. I didn’t have much time to think. I grabbed my knife right next to the register.”nNguyen, 22, said it was around 3:25 p.m. on Wednesday when two men wearing black ski masks entered his shop while another stood by the door. Video footage showed Nguyen asking the two suspects why they were wearing the ski masks. nWhen Nguyen asked them to leave, one of the suspects grabbed the tip jar. nnJohnny Nguyen, the owner of Smokestrom Smoke Shop in Las Vegas, stopped an attempted robbery at his store by stabbing the suspect.Johnny Nguyenn“I asked them first nicely to leave but the guy took my tip jar, which was fine,” Nguyen said. “When they came back and tried to take some more, that’s when it escalated.”nnSurveillance footage showed one of the suspects jump over the counter and try to grab some products off the shelf. Fearing for his life, Nguyen said he grabbed his knife with a three-inch blade and stabbed the assailant seven times.n“Stop, please! I’m dead! I’m dead,” the would-be robber said as he collapsed to the ground.nnNguyen said he was scared for his life when one of the suspects went behind his counter.Johnny Nguyennn“I remember him saying, ‘Please don’t let me die,'” Nguyen said. “He said he was sorry. By that point, he took off his mask himself. I was trying to get on the phone with the police when he was trying to talk to me. I just ran and wanted to make sure the police and ambulance would get here on time.”nNguyen said police told him the robber was 17-years old. His condition was not clear. Nguyen stabbed the 17-year-old suspect at least seven times during the botched robbery.nnNguyen, who turns 23 on Saturday, said he is thankful that he survived the ordeal. He said the incident left him “shook” and he plans to look into arming himself with other weapons for protection.n“Small business owners like us, this is our livelihood,” Nguyen told The Post. “Not only are they threatening our lives, but our livelihood, so we have to stay vigilant.”nnSOURCE: nypostn==============n**DISCLAIMER**nOur content = for educational purposes only. We do NOT GLORIFY VIOLENCE in any way! Please read our story on Social media / Website / Patreon. When you have more background information, or you notice mistakes in our description/video, please give us your feedback.nnViewer discretion advised! nn© 2022 Real Violence for Knowledge.nn** OUR new links for 2022:n n Violence For Knowledge | Facebookn Violence For Knowledge ( Violence For Knowledge (@realviolenceforknowledge) TikTok | Watch Real Violence For Knowledge's Newest TikTok Videos


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This is the knowledge to start the day with!nnI learn something new about myself. This makes me a sick psychopath.


Risky gun draw versus already drawn | off-duty cop versus armed robber | Real Violence For KnowledgennCATEGORY: Armed Robbery | Analyzed Content | Explicit content 3-4 (scale 1-5) - Rated NC-17nnThis is a quick breakdown with some points below.nn1 - The main point = consider the risk the off-duty cop took: I don't want good guys to die vs already drawn (loaded) nb)-other options like using better timing, role-playing or cooperating (not sure of course - it all depends )nc)-the bystanders livesnd)-the armed henchman ne)-got shot in his shoulder/arm -> nearly misses his head. nn=>You know, I love it when people fight back (necessary/possible) + when good people defeat evil…this seems like gambling with lives. Note that this behavior is often romanticized in the mainstream media. Just keep thinking (time) and not only reacting.nn2 - See how this dynamic shootout differs from the practice on the range. Especially on a civilian range without scenarios. Shooting with one hand in all sorts of weird positions/angles etc. At this distance, with both men shooting, anything can happen regardless of your training/skill level.n3 - The speed of the altercation and the stress levels involved.n4 - When you fight back while carrying a gun, you want your gun to be ready, and you fight until the last beat.n5 - The aftermath actions he undertook. You can compare this with the acronym TWC-PIAF explained in this video -> I have more points, but that would make the video too clunky and long to watch.nn*I wasn't able to visualize all shots. n=========================nBACKGROUND INFORMATIONn*Automatically translated, mistakes included!nnPolice foiled assault in northern GuayaquilnJuly 22, 2022 - 11:05 - Web WritingnOn Thursday night, a police officer managed to thwart an assault on a business premises in the north of Guayaquil by confronting two people who entered the premises with firearms to rob.nnThe report of the National Police details that at 9:00 p.m. two people entered the restaurant and drew their firearms to intimidate the clients and workers of the place where the police officer dressed in civilian clothes was.nnSeeing the intention of the two individuals, the police reacted and after "a brief confrontation of bullets", as detailed in the police report, managed to control the situation with one of those involved while the other fled the scene.nThe moment was recorded by the security cameras that record the exact moment of what happened and that was shared by the National Police on their social networks.nnThe reports indicate that the policeman received three bullet wounds, while the criminal received six. The law enforcement officer is under medical surveillance and is in stable condition, while the assailant is in critical condition.nnFrom nnSOURCE: eltelegrafon==============n**DISCLAIMER**nOur content = for educational purposes only. We do NOT GLORIFY VIOLENCE in any way! Please read our story on Social media / Website / Patreon. When you have more background information, or you notice mistakes in our description/video, please give us your feedback.nnViewer discretion advised! nn© 2022 Real Violence for Knowledge.nn** OUR new links for 2022:nn n Violence For Knowledge | Facebookn Violence For Knowledge ( Violence For Knowledge (@realviolenceforknowledge) TikTok | Watch Real Violence For Knowledge's Newest TikTok Videos