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About : RealClearScience is your portal to the most relevant science news and opinion from around the globe.


RealClearScience is your portal to the best, most relevant science news and opinion from around the globe. Here you'll find everything from small talk fodder to the latest findings from the frontier of discovery. In addition to daily curated aggregation of news articles, university press releases and videos, our site features a plethora of unique, original content, which can be found on the Newton Blog and in our Journal Club. Whether you're a curious reader or a professionally trained scientist,......


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People who have their stomachs completely removed get along just fine without one.


"You never know what discoveries are waiting to be found in old records or artwork. A recent archaeological find sent us down just such an astronomical rabbit-hole, leading us to ideas that are fun and interesting to consider."


"Archaeologists and religious scholars have long searched for the birthplace of Saint Peter, one of Jesus Christ’s 12 apostles and the first pope of the Roman Catholic Church."


Graphics in the metaverse are... terrible.


Drought is forcing many trees into a "false autumn".


"Most people are familiar with basic thunderstorm safety, such as avoiding standing under trees or near a window, and not speaking on a corded phone (mobile phones are safe). But did you know you should avoid taking a shower, a bath or washing the dishes during a thunderstorm?"


"BS", says everyone else.


"Researchers find the tick-borne encephalitis virus (TBEV) in as few as 0.3 per cent of the ticks they examine. The Borrelia bacteria can be carried by up to 25 per cent of ticks."


"If a Carrington Event happened today, most experts agree it would fry our power, GPS, and communication systems, leaving us cold, in the dark, and alone."


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