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Since 1995, Requisite Audio has been proud to offer what is among the finest audio equipment available.


“Exceptional Design, Material and Technique” is our headline and it says a lot about Requisite Audio. The goal of this site is to explore how it relates to your work and introduce you to Requisite Audio Engineering. Design • Electrical, Mecahnical and Circuit design are where it all begins. The source of our upgrade and original concepts are a lifelong passion for the recorded arts and the request and suggestions of highly talented Engineers, Artist and Producers seeking uncommon performance and......




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Hello everyone, so sorry it has been a while since I have posted. We have been so busy with our new SR1a Earfield Monitor Headphones. These are the world’s first True Ribbon Headphones. Here is a link to them: are getting great reviews from around the world. Many thanks from all of us at Requisite Audio and RAAL-requisite.


Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2018 Official Show Report:nnRAAL Requisite is a new undertaking for the venerable maker of true ribbons. Such a quickness to the sound, immediate stops and starts, tremendous dynamic swings with macro punch and a fall back to micro detail. These are designed for mixing and mastering and would make a great uber-'phones for home use. Daft Punk "Get Lucky" never sounded so good, tip top highs to subterranean lows.nn The SRH-1A (Studio Reference Headphone), sells for $3500 and comes carrying case, all cables and amplifier interface. Field replaceable ribbons pop easily in and out and are $50.


These are pictures from the RMAF - Can Jam of our new True Ribbon Headphone called the SR-1A


RAAL-requisite was at the RMAF Can Jam Trade Show in Denver and at the A.E.S. Show in New York introducing our True Ribbon Headphones the SR-1A. Here is a Show Report Review.nn "CanJam RMAF 2018 Show Report"nComing out of absolutely nowhere, the Raal Requisite ($3,499) was one of the biggest surprises of the show. While calling their look "unique" is probably a generous assessment of their visual appeal, the sound was actually quite stunning and had people all around CanJam buzzing.nThe Raal Requisite is a true ribbon headphone with an open design that recalls the AKG K1000 and the MySphere. The ribbon drivers are on articulating arms that allow you to adjust the position of the earspeaker to fit your preferences. Pushing them all the way out puts you back further in the audience with a huge soundscape, while pulling them in brings you closer to the stage for a more intimate sound. All-in-all, the Requisite has one of the most impressive soundscapes I've ever heard. The sound was super clean and detailed with very punchy bass. Surprising, since ribbon drivers are so closely associated with tweeters, but it was really some of the most crisp and tactile bass I've heard. The folks from Raal informed me that the bass response was flat down to 30Hz.nnLike the K1000, the Raal Requisite will be a bit of a pain to drive. The impedance is just 0.2 Ohms, so getting the appropriate amount of current requires a 50-100W speaker amplifier and a special adaptor. Thankfully, the adaptor is included with the headphone, but many people see this type of thing as a deal breaker. Still, for those who are willing to shell out the cash, the combination of staging, clarity and bass response is absolutely unheard of.


Hello Everyone! We just had a great show introducing our True Ribbon Headphone at the RMAF Canjam show in Denver last week. We will be at the A.E.S. show in New York October 17th through the 19th. Hope to se you there! n


Here is our new Headphone Amplifier - The HPA1. It comes in a variety of wood patterns and finishes. We are in the process of upgrading our website to show the many styles of wood finishes. We design and build Headphone Cables in many different lengths. We custom build all of our products here in the USA.


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