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Rose McGowan

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this is how it is. this is what monsters have done. this is how exhausting it is behind every tweet, video, post. this is what the Jennifers of the world do, the damage they cause. it’s not pretty, it’s not fun, but it is necessary. #deprogramming


Hey @GavinNewsom! Maybe you think I’m going to tell everyone on @instagram how broken the once glorious state of California is. How the final slap of gross incompetence, arrogant mismanagement, egotistical stupidity and sick back door deals that bleed its people dry is you. Maybe you think I’m writing to talk about how much I imagine you’re moisturizer costs vs how much you pay your housekeeper. Nope, that’s not it either. I’m writing you because during this long period of healing my body/mind/brain from the intense pain I live with because of those you hold dear. The assaults on my name, character, dignity I’ve endured at the hands of… wait for it… Here’s how it goes. Every day different pieces of the evil done to me return, that I try my damndest to get free of. Today another puzzle piece came back to me. And then I go through my emails. And holy wow. Damn. People don’t even know the real story, the amount of money and evil unleashed to destroy me to maintain their sick status quo. But this is why I’m writing today- Remember when your wife ‘Feminist activist big shot movie producer’ @jennifersiebelnewsom told you she spoke with me? Fairly certain there was some pillow talk on that night. Regular updates likely followed. Let’s call it Project Silence Rose. Your wife Jennifer got to me 3+ months BEFORE the NYT exposé I set up broke internets & shocked the world. To be continued…


Yessss! Thank you to Britney’s freedom fighters for seeing what others didn’t want to see and for your relentless caring energy. Thank you for pushing me to publicly push to #FreeBritney over 3 years ago. And the biggest thanks go to Britney herself. You have survived what others couldn’t have. All of it. Your life in the public eye, performing for their profit. Soon you will be free. And we will smile and dance with you. Bless you and #FreeBritney 💜✨


Rose McGowan slammed celebrities speaking out in solidarity against the Texas abortion law — including her former #Charmed co-star #AlyssaMilano.


Thank you for your support! #Deprogramming


I’m in the United States of WTF. I spotted this gem in the parking lot of Staples, a store for office supplies. If you look closely ‘My wife is a bitch’ is written using an old fashioned liquid product called White-Out. Previous to the computer genius who created the delete key this is how you erased a typing mistake. Going to the office supply store to buy White-Out to tell the world how you feel by grafitti is peak American emotional I.Q. But damn it’s funny. Damn Americans! Lol. #minivan o- and if you lecture me for smoking I will block. My habits, my business. Cool. White Out lol


1) I love you Ivan 2) International Women’s Day is a load of feel good horse crap. That is all. 💜🌊🦾


Facebook why do you have a rating on my page but not Alyssa Milano?


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